Adekunle Gold smiling as he holds a United shirt with his name on the back.

How United inspire Adekunle Gold

Thursday 10 February 2022 15:44

What was it that first started your burning passion for Manchester United?

That's just one of the things we wanted to find out when we sat down with Nigerian artist Adekunle Gold recently.

Scroll down to read the full interview, which looks at his love for United, his favourite players and how the club has impacted his career.

What does Manchester United mean to you? 
“Everything. If you follow me, you’ll know that I might not always be active on social media. But as soon as it’s football time, Manchester United time, I’m there watching the football and tweeting about United!”

When did you first fall in love with Manchester United?
“Around the 2006/07 season. My friends always used to talk about Manchester United, but I never really understood the hype, because I wasn’t really into football that much back then. And then, all of a sudden I realised it was actually a really cool thing to watch! I first got exposed to the game when Ronaldo was first here, and it was the era of him and Tevez et cetera. It was a great introduction into the club for me.”

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Who is your favourite Manchester United player of all time? Why? 
“Guess? Cristiano Ronaldo! We have different names for him, you see. Back home in Nigeria, we call him Ororo, which is a sweet and smooth groundnut oil, and of course, he is sweet and smooth. Of all time, it's definitely Cristiano Ronaldo!”

Can you explain the Manchester United fan culture in Nigeria to us? Is it just as passionate as other parts of the world? 
“Listen, you guys need to come to Nigeria! It’s crazy out there. Just like how crazy I am for United, there’s so many other people like that. The fan culture for Manchester United in Nigeria is absolutely nuts.”
How has your passion for United influenced your latest album?
“I’ve been a fan for so long, you know? I’ve been there through the losses, but I just love this club so much. It’s the tenacity and resilience that the club shows. Everybody gets sad and has down times in football, but I'm passionate about this club, and I have the same attitude in my music!” 

Would you ever write a song about United? 
“I just might! When we win the league then I’ll be in touch.”
Adekunle is all-smiles at Old Trafford.

Talk us through some of the selections on your matchday playlist [for the recent Middlesbrough game]?
“I chose my song, ‘Mercy’ because it announces when I arrive, me and my team, you know? It’s about the pride that me and my team have, and what Manchester United have, too. We’re the guys! I also chose ‘Champion Sound’ because obviously Davido is a huge United fan as well. I picked the people that are big United fans!”

Adekunle watching a game at Old Trafford.


Mercy - Adekunle Gold
So Bad - Simi feat Joeboy
Sinner - Adekunle Gold feat Lucky Daye
Champion Sound - Davido
Peru - Fireboy feat Ed Sheeran
One Woman - Adekunle Gold feat Ty Dolla $ign
Ozumba Mbadiwe - Reekado Banks
High - Adekunle Gold feat Davido

Adekunle holding up this season's third shirt with his name and number on the back.
Finally, Adekunle finished with a message for his fans and Manchester United supporters from all across the globe: “We’ve grown to love this football club, and that's all we can do. Glory Glory Man United! For life.”

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