Onana explains his positive philosophy

Wednesday 27 March 2024 12:00

Mental strength is a key ingredient for any successful goalkeeper.

Andre Onana arrived at Manchester United in the summer and, by his own admission, took a little time to settle as he adapted to the Premier League and life with the Reds.

However, he has been excellent since returning from the Africa Cup of Nations and his positive form has helped Erik ten Hag's team to make progress since the turn of the year.

For all of the experience behind the Cameroon international, he has outlined his personal philosophy which has helped him remain balanced and focused, fortified by the self-belief and unwavering conviction that the Reds are on the right path towards success.

Andre Onana’s idols Video

Andre Onana’s idols

ONANA’S IDOLS | Andre runs through six big-name goalkeepers he’s looked up to during his career…

In an exclusive in-depth interview with the latest edition of Inside United, the official club magazine, Onana opened up on his idols and talked about how he respected legendary boxer Muhammad Ali for his values and strength of personality.

"It's his mindset," said United's no.24. "It was not something easy. He had to pass through a lot of difficulties and he was only looking at the positive side, the positive parts. He was very positive and that is what I like.

"You know, no matter what happens in life, I've always said that it cannot rain forever, the sun will shine. And yet the sun will not shine forever, the rain will come. So just find a good balance, especially when you are a football player. 

"When you have a bad day, a better day will come," he vowed. "It's not when you are having a bad day that you feel it will never change. It will change but it's not because you are having a good day that it will stay forever.

"Everything is temporary and you have to know how to manage that. When you are in a bad mood, take a positive. When you are in a good mood, take a positive. Just enjoy yourself and be happy, be with the people you love and always stay positive."

Such a mantra must have helped Onana as he looks to kick on at Old Trafford, with a trip to Wembley to look forward to, in the Emirates FA Cup semi-final with Coventry City next month.

It would clearly mean everything to the keeper to lift silverware with his team-mates in his first season at the club.

Onana picks his best-ever keeper


Andre feels one man stands out when it comes to being no.1 in his position.

“Well, I think we are, all of us, we are men of principle because, at the end of the day, what we have learned in the past brings us to Manchester United," he said of the current squad.

"I'm very happy to be here, like I said, I’m happy to be part of this family, a big group with great guys, young players, there’s some amazing ability here.

"It will come, you know. Principles, do your hard work, be positive and believe in yourself. It will come."

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