Anthony Elanga

Who are Elanga's NBA favourites?

Sunday 24 July 2022 15:04

Anthony Elanga is the latest Red to take part in our popular Fans’ Q&A series.

We sat down with the Swede and a list of your queries during the Melbourne leg of Tour 2022 and you’ll be able to see the full interview across all of our platforms very soon.

Elanga discussed a range of topics, from serious football subjects like his inspirations and ambitions, to off-the-wall areas, such as ‘do pineapples belong on pizza?'

One fan, Josiah, asked Anthony what he liked to do with his spare time outside of football and our no.36 was positively glowing when he delivered his answer.

Basketball is Elanga’s passion and he revealed which team he supports, along with his favourite player…

Stephen Curry, the NBA MVP in 2015 and 2016, and Finals MVP this year, is Elanga's choice for the latter.

“I do a lot of things,” began Anthony. “I like to play basketball and I like to follow basketball as well.

“I like the Golden State Warriors. My favourite player has to be [Steph] Curry.

“He’s just the MVP [Most Valuable Player] at the moment so yeah, I like to play basketball.”

The Warriors have been one of the sport’s most dominant teams in recent years, winning four NBA championships since 2015.

Curry – who is widely seen as the greatest shooter in the history of basketball – is the brightest star in a galaxy of talent and he has been present for each of those triumphs, helping the San Francisco franchise establish themselves as one of the richest in the game.

In a separate question, Elanga was asked about who the better basketball player was between him and fellow Swede Victor Lindelof and he left no doubt as to the answer:

“I think I am better than Victor. And he’ll probably say the same thing, hopefully!”