Brandon Williams

Q&A: Who are Brandon’s United heroes?

Tuesday 06 April 2021 13:00

Manchester United defender Brandon Williams has answered plenty of interesting questions from the pupils at Co-op Academy in North Manchester.

Our promising left-back was sent several questions by the pupils at the Blackley secondary school and it is fair to say that they had some interesting questions for our no. 33.

During the Q&A session, Williams was asked about everything from football inside and outside of United to his pre-match rituals and which TV shows he enjoys. The Academy graduate also offered some great life advice for the pupils.

Without further ado, here are all the questions and answers in full…

David: What is your best memory as a football player?

"Hi David, my favourite moment as a football player was when I made my debut because I made my family extremely proud and for me that was personally something I had been looking forward to all my life, trying to reach to achieve that. All the sacrifices and everything paid off."

Kofi: Who was your favourite player growing up?

"Hi Kofi, good question. My favourite player growing up, even though I was a defender, I looked at the likes of Rooney, Ronaldo, Tevez, that front-three was unbelievable. It was really inspiring, one day I wanted to play with them but unfortunately I was a bit too young to get there but I’m finally here now, so I’m really happy just to play on the pitch those players have played on."

Kofi: Who has the best drip at Man United?

"Hi Kofi, good question, I like it. Because I like it and it’s different, I’d probably say Paul Pogba but also Marcus Rashford. I’m up there as well, personally as well, I know I got the drip as well. Paul and Marcus are up there, they got different styles, so I’ll go with them."

Stephen: Who is the toughest player you played against and why?

"Hi Stephen, the best player I’ve played against and why is probably Kevin De Bruyne because he sees everything. The way he plays is incredible and the way he passes the ball and movement and everything, so he’s probably the best I’ve played on a pitch with."

Oscar: If you could feature in a Hollywood movie, which actor would you want to star alongside and which genre of movie would it be?

"Hi Oscar, I’ll probably go for Wentworth Miller from Prison Break. I just love that series and it’s my favourite series I’ve ever watched and I’ve always wanted to meet him one day as well, so it’ll be him."

Ruth: What was your favourite subject in school besides PE and why?

"Hi Ruth, my favourite subject other than PE would probably be maths because I really enjoy it and because I’m quite good at it as well."

Leon: What advice would you give students from Co-op Academy North Manchester regarding achieving their goals in life and in education?

"Hi Leon, I’d probably say just focus on you, you know you have to make a lot of sacrifices to get to where you want to be. Don’t bother with what everyone else is saying. If they think you’re the best then it doesn’t matter because you know where you’re at and if they think you’re the worst, it doesn’t matter because you know where you are as well. Focus on yourself, focus on your mind, take advice off the right people and don’t give up."

Alexia: Who’s your favourite football player?

"Hi Alexia, my favourite football player that I’ve watched is Lionel Messi because I just think he’s incredible and what he’s done consistently over the years is amazing, so it’s just a pleasure to watch him and enjoy his last few years as well."

Tariq: What is your favourite show on Netflix and why?

"Hi, Tariq. My favourite show on Netflix is Prison Break. I’ve just started it again for the seventh time and I just really enjoy it and I think it’s the best ever."

Williams: I was down in the bottom group!


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Dylan: What's the best atmosphere you’ve experienced at Old Trafford?

"Hi, Dylan. The best atmosphere I’ve played in was at home against Man City. The crowd was bouncing that day and it gave the team a real urge and it was incredible. Scott scored in the last minute to give us the comfortable 2-0 lead."

Mr. Norbury: Have you got any pre-match routines or superstitions?

"Hi Mr. Norbury, good to see you again. What I do, everything I do, I go through the left side. When I put my socks on, it’s the left side first, when I put my shorts on it’s the left leg, when it’s the T-shirt it’s the left arm, when I put tape on my wrist it’s the left arm, so I’d probably say that’s my superstitions. I do some things at a certain time and it’s just something I’ve always done. One time I didn’t do it and we ended up losing, so I’ll never do that again."

Mr. Norbury: Have you got any tips for the aspiring footballers in the area?

"To keep going in the direction you want to go. Don’t get drafted away by the other kids who want to pull you down. They might be jealous of you and see where your potential is going. Never give up and always believe in yourself. You've got to make them sacrifices of not going out on the weekends or not do stupid things with your friends. Your family will believe in you, your coaches will believe in you. Just go at your pace."