Bruno Fernandes.

'Nobody is more competitive than me'

Wednesday 09 June 2021 09:51

Bruno Fernandes has explained where his incredible desire and will to win comes from, as he looks to make his mark at Euro 2020.

Portugal play their final warm-up fixture against Israel tonight (Wednesday) and Manchester United's Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year will be showing his customary drive in order to help the holders retain their trophy when the tournament gets under way.

Speaking in the second part of an exclusive fans' Q&A session, which first appeared in last month's edition of Inside United, the midfielder also revealed how he keeps so motivated and is now able to overcome any disappointments easily.

Fans' Q&A: Part two with your Portuguese magnifico Video

Fans' Q&A: Part two with your Portuguese magnifico

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When asked where his commitment emanates from by Anbesa from Sweden, he replied: "So that comes from my childhood. For me, the desire to win the games and to win something is always on me and I think it’s part of me. I don’t know where this comes from but, in my family, nobody likes to lose. I think I grew up seeing my cousins, my brother, my uncles, my dad fighting to win.

“When we played cards or chess or football, when we played everything. I think my mentality comes a little bit from my family. There were a lot of fights over Christmas, when we have to play card games or bingo or something different. The fighting is always on!”

Dr Mayank from India asked Bruno if he was the most competitive person in the United squad and he provided another insight into his character with his detailed response.

"I don’t know if I’m the most competitive but I think no-one is more than me," he insisted. "They can be at the same level but not more than me. Always in my mind, you can have the same as me but you can’t have more than me. For example, desire, a winning mentality and hard work, I think you have to have in your mind to be the best you can.

“And nobody more in those kind of situations but, on quality, you can have people have more quality than you because everyone is different. Everyone has different qualities but, on the mentality, you have to put your level high and I think the only thing people can reach is the same level as you. Not more than you."

Watch Bruno Fenandes doing what he does best in the red shirt.

One query that often gets asked of such driven individuals is who motivates the motivator? He has had to pick himself up from the disappointment of losing the Europa League final on penalties to Villarreal but will have been buoyed by the support of his young family when preparing for the Euros.

"So now, honestly, it is easy to be motivated now," he replied to a question from John in India. "When I have a bad day, when I get home, I have two beautiful kids to see. Before, if I went home after a bad day, I would not talk with anyone. I'd just close my mouth and close my eyes. My wife already knew it. But now, when I come home, I have two beautiful kids who need me.

“I have the big one, my daughter, who runs to me every time she sees me. She doesn’t see me a lot of times now because we have a lot of games but every time she sees me, she runs to me and makes something for me. Every time I arrive at home, I have something new from her. That is the mood or the way I have to come out of a bad day. Of course, I think my family has to be part of my success but I think the biggest part of my success is them."