Eriksen: 'I had a striker's nose!'

Sunday 27 August 2023 08:00

Manchester United midfielder Christian Eriksen has admitted he thought it might have ended up being a “long day” after the Reds went 2-0 down to Nottingham Forest before coming back to win 3-2.

The Denmark international praised how United used our experience to turn the game around, beginning with him getting on the scoresheet, before second-half goals from Casemiro and Bruno Fernandes earned three useful points.

Speaking to MUTV following the win at Old Trafford, he said: “It's one of those where you are just in the moment and you can't control it because you need [it], you don't have the luck to be in a good place.

“You feel very unlucky with the second goal definitely, that it could be a long day, but, luckily, it changed.”

Eriksen talks through his goal Video

Eriksen talks through his goal

Christian Eriksen looks back on his first start of the 2023/24 season, in Saturday's dramatic win at Old Trafford...

Regarding how United reversed the situation, Eriksen added: “I think we had a bit more of the easier passes after, to get more of the control, feeling we have a bit more control compared to their two chances and two goals after four minutes.

“It was a bit of the experience at the same time, you probably tried it [coming back from two down] before in your career, but not often, but you know how to bounce back and we did.”

On 17 minutes, Eriksen converted Marcus Rashford’s cut-back to make it 2-1, after the England international beat the defence to get in behind, and supplied an ideal cross.

“When you are 2-0 down at that time, and at half-time, it is really a fight to come back and definitely the goal make a big difference,” he said.

“I think for our belief at half-time to be able to know it's just a one goal difference to be square again, and, yeah, it gave us belief and hopefully gave them a bit more disbelief because also I think, for moments of the first half, we were in good control.

“I was expecting Marcus to go around his man, which often happens, and then really just try to be in the area where the ball might end up and, luckily, I had a striker’s nose it to be at the right place.”

Describing the message from the manager at the interval, Eriksen said: “It was the same: ‘stay in the game’. We felt like after the goal, we felt a bit of momentum coming into the second half and had the belief and we went for it.

“I mean, we had nothing to lose after 2-0 down, there was only going forward and try to create some chances and win the game.”

With 11 minutes added on by the officials, he described the closing period as “a bit of a survival”, adding: “They're going to go [for] everything they can - long balls, bring some big, tall players up front and do all the throw-ins as a set-piece and try to create momentum from there and, luckily, we survived.

“We knew it was going to be a tough battle. It's not our strong side to do that, but we can do it and then we showed that today.”