Daniel James

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Wednesday 11 August 2021 17:00

Daniel James took part in an exclusive fans' Q&A session recently and the winger spoke about food, golf, pace and his hobbies.

The Welshman also spoke about playing for his country, which other Reds he spends most time with and advice for young players trying to emulate his success.

Get yourself comfy, settle down and dive into this to learn more about our no.21...

Daniel James answers your questions! Video

Daniel James answers your questions!

DJ tells fans what they want to know, revealing his football hero, fastest opponent and more…

Mark Best (UK): Is it Dan, Daniel, DJ or Jamo?
“Thanks for your question, Mark. I get called a lot of different names. My Mum would defintiely say it's Daniel but people call me DJ, Jamo, Speedy Gonzalez, Flash. Yeah, I get called a lot, but I'd probably say Daniel.”

Aaron Cooper (UK): What does your daily diet usually consist of?
“Thanks for your question, Aaron. I think in the morning I always try and get quite a bit of carbohydrates for training. The main meal I have is fried egg on toast every morning, it's kind of my speciality. I have that and then after training I just try and get more protein in, and fruits, things like that, and then try not to snack before dinner [laugh]. Dinner is more about getting a variety of food in. Protein, veg, after it's fruit, sometimes I'll have a little dessert depending on what day it is.”

WeeWor Iam (Singapore): Were you always this fast and did you contemplate doing athletics?
“Thank you WeeWor for your question. There was a time where I did do a bit of athletics. When I was 15 or 16, I went to my local county championships and I was maybe about 5ft 3in then and everyone else was about 6ft so I got beaten easily and that's when I kind of gave up but I like to say I've got a bit quicker since then.”

Alex Mertz (USA): If you didn’t play football what sport would you do?
“Thanks for your question, Alex. I'm loving my golf at the minute - I do love golf - but I'd probably say athletics.”

Zenyeb Azimova (Azerbaijan): If you had a chance to act in a movie, what movie would it be?
“Thank you, Zenyeb. It's a tough one this. I'd probably say Batman.”

Yazmin Abbida (UK): Who was or is your biggest legend or role model?
“Thanks for your question, Yazmin. I've got a few, to be honest. I'd like to say Thierry Henry was a player I always grew up watching. He was unbelievable as soon as he came to the Premier League and he was a great player. And also, a player that I play with now, Juan [Mata] was always an idol of mine growing up and such a professional as well.”

Mark Cronin (Ireland): What is the type of music you listen to and who is the joker in the squad?
“Thank you, Mark, for your question. I listen to a bit of everything, really. I think if you ask the physios, I like my '80s and '90s. I like a bit of everything, R&B, but I like to change my genre a bit, I don't always like to listen to the same one. Coming to the joker question, I'd like to consider myself one of them.”

Paul Morgan (UK): Being a proud Welshman myself from Cwmllynfell, I support and go to see Man Utd as a member. How does it feel putting that red jersey on and singing the national anthem? It gets me every time with goose bumps in both football and rugby...
“It's a great question, Paul, thank you. Every time I put that jersey on it's a proud moment for me and my family. Singing that national anthem is always a very emotional one for me, and I try to keep my emotions away from the pitch but singing that national anthem in front of fans, it's hard not to get emotional and I think after that national anthem, you've kind of got to calm yourself before a game but it's something that lifts me before a game.”

Jake Ellis (UK): Hi Dan, are there any specific drills that you’d be able to recommend for wingers trying to improve their agility and speed on the ball?
“Thank you, Jake, for your question. Maybe, as we do in training now, little cones a yard apart, dribble in and out of them and then maybe a pole at the top that you've got to dribble round and come back. That's something we still do now.”

Once an idol, now a teammate...
Rob Smith (UK): If you could have the right foot, left foot, body and head of any footballer past and present who would you create?!
“Thanks for your question, Rob, it's a good one, to be honest. Left foot, I'd have to go Messi because he's the best for me. Head... it's a tough one. Right foot, I'd go Ronaldo. That's a tough one. Can you go the same player? I'd go Ronaldo as well. And heading, it's a tough one... Lewandowski.”

Bobby Finlay (UK): Who is the fastest full back you have ever went up against?
“Thanks for your question, Bobby. It's a tough one, to be honest. I've come up against a lot of fast full-backs but I'd have to say Kyle Walker.”

Paul Burton (UK): Hi Dan, what personal goals do you have while at United, and is there anyone from United past or present you would like to emulate?
“Thank you, Paul, for your question. I think win titles, play games and contribute with assists and goals. There's so many players that have done that past and present but for me it's just about playing and giving everything I can for the team.”

Leo Clive (Ghana): I always love to see you play for us, because your passion for the club is so infectious. I still remember your first goal. My question is, besides your manager, who do you spend time with on a daily basis out of your team-mates and coaching staff? Thanks.
“Thanks for your question, Leo. On a daily basis, I think I probably spend a lot of time with Luke, Harry, Scott, Granty. I think Ole and his boys are obviously very close. We're a great group of lads, we all bond together. I think now we're playing a lot of perudo which the boys love, and it gets all the cultures involved, so it's a good game and gets us all bonding together. I work a lot behind the scenes with Carras and Fletch, and also Kieran, and also the analysis boys as well where I get a lot of my clips from.”

Llyr Morris (UK): If you could swap a role with one famous person for one day who would you select and why?
“Thank you, Llyr. It's a tough one. I think I'd have to go outside the sports world, maybe. I'll go Will Ferrell because I like his comedy films, just to see what his crazy world's like, a bit different.”

UTD Podcast: Ole sees himself in two Reds Video

UTD Podcast: Ole sees himself in two Reds

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Izzy Dalli (UK): What advice would you give to a 3-year-old boy who wants to be a footballer and play for United? Asking for my nephew Luke, who is obsessed with football...
“Thank you, Izzy, for your question; it's a good question. I'd just say from a very young age the most important thing is just enjoying it. It's not about being competitive at that age, it's just about enjoying it as you go through, not being too hard on yourself for any mistakes you made, just enjoy it.”

Craig Hallam (UK): How do you find it trying to handle the pressure of playing for Manchester United?
“It's a great question, Craig. I think you have to be in the environment to understand really. I think at the start, when I played my first game, the nerves are there, the pressure's there. But over time I think you come to learn, you get a lot of training for it. You're always going to have pressure, I don't think pressure's a bad thing, I think it's a good thing. I think to put that pressure on yourself, instead of other people having that pressure on you, I think if you have that pressure on yourself, I enjoy having that pressure and the main thing is to learn, have people around you who give you experience as well.”

Chris Lamond (UK): Do you ever get tired? It seems like you could run forever, you’re a phenomenal athlete...
“[Laughs] Thank you, Chris, for your question. I definitely do get tired. I think sometimes even when I don't look it, I am. I like to keep myself fit. I think it's always important, especially in the Premier League. The games are probably getting quicker and quicker and you have to be ready to last the whole game, but yeah, I definitely do get tired!”

Luke Small (UK): Hey Dan James, why did you pick the number 21?
“Thank you, Luke. When I came, at the time I was 20 at Swansea when I came, Diogo was 20 when I came here, so it was probably the first number that I looked at. I had quite a few - I can't remember what they were - but 21 just stuck with me. DJ21 sounded quite good so I stuck with that.”

Geoff Saunders (UK): Tell us your guilty pleasure...
“Thanks for your question, Geoff. Guilty pleasure... hmmm. Listening to '80s music probably. I love Phil Collins, David Grey, Queen obviously.”

Josephine Nyirenda (Zambia): Hello DJ I am Josephine and I think that you're a fantastic player but I would like to know what aspects of your game would you like to improve on heading into what I feel will be a fantastic season for us?
“Thank you, Josephine. I think the normal things. Things I want to do more of is score more goals, get more assists and contribute more.”

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Ravichand Marimuthu (Singapore): Who would be your relay team in 4x100m, from the United team?
“Thank you, Ravichand, for your question. I think Marcus, I think Aaron would have to be in there because he's very, very quick. You might not realise sometimes, but he is. I'll put myself in. I like to do the bend, so I'd do the second to last. I'll let Marcus do the last, Aaron to start, so I've got to get a second. Who would go in? Elanga. Very quick. He'll do my second.”

Brad Jackson (UK): What away ground are you most excited about visiting/playing at this coming season?
“Thank you, Brad, for your question. There's many I like to play at. I like to play away because it's great to see the away fans. I enjoy the derbies especially, so I think probably Liverpool or Man City probably the ones I look forward to most.”

Beb Sorvel (UK): What's your go to cheat meal?
“Thanks for your question, Beb. I think it's got to be burger and chips, and I love a bit of cake, so cake for dessert.”

Muhammad Wafiy (Singapore): What is your favourite hobby besides football?
“Thank you, Muhammad, for your question. Besides football, I like to play golf. A bit of everything really. I like table tennis. I'm trying to think what else... that's probably it. I play a bit of pool and that but golf would definitely be my second. I'm not very good, I'm only off 27 at the moment. It's not very good. It's very bad! But I'm hoping by the end of the year to get it a little bit down.”