Danish Reds defy Storm Otto to reach Old Trafford

Thursday 02 March 2023 09:33

The team’s 3-0 Premier League win over Leicester City last month was a joyous afternoon for all of a United persuasion, but for two Reds present at Old Trafford that day, the result tasted that little bit sweeter.

Danish fan Oliver Lund had spent much of the last six months travelling around Asia, but when he returned to his homeland, his parents, Peter and Sanne, surprised him with a match ticket, plus hotel and flight bookings.

But little did he know that his epic travels were far from over.
When Oliver and his father got to the airport, all set for a few pleasant days in Manchester, they were kept waiting for hours, only to be eventually told that the flight had been cancelled due to Storm Otto.

Due to the weather conditions, there was no information on when the next flight might take off.
Oliver (main image) and his father Peter (above) were rewarded for their arduous journey to Old Trafford with a quality 3-0 win.
But after going home, full of disappointment, the avid Reds quickly decided that they would not be denied by something as trifling as hurricane-force winds. 
“They would not miss the match,” laughs Oliver’s mother, Sanne. “They packed a new suitcase – the other suitcase was still in the airplane – and took the car.

“They drove all the way from Copenhagen to Manchester, through Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and then the [Channel] tunnel!”
The pair arrived in Manchester around 7pm on Saturday evening, the day before the game, and were rewarded for their odyssey with three goals and a superb second-half performance from Ten Hag’s Reds.
“Oliver was so happy,” smiles Sanne. “They are both very big United supporters; they have been to Old Trafford many times and they see every match on the television.
“They had great seats and had the most amazing time with a great win. As a mother and wife, I was so happy watching the game from home, and seeing Manchester United winning. I’m so happy that the long journey my boys had taken turned out so well with a great win.”
It’s yet another entry in the catalogue of amazing, dedicated feats we regularly see from United fans all over the world. We can never say it enough: thank you for your incredible support and commitment to our club.