Eight celebrations that got everyone talking!

Saturday 28 August 2021 10:07

We love a good goal celebration.

The more spontaneous the better – something that encapsulates the mood of the game and the crowd.

We’re not talking trademark routines here, so sorry Edinson, there’s no room for your archer routine, while Nani’s spectacular backflip has also been overlooked.

But there have been plenty of iconic one-off celebrations at United over the years, and these eight in particular stand out...


The celebration: ‘BRUCE!’ screamed commentator Barry Davies, as United’s no.4 headed a dramatic injury-time winner against Sheffield Wednesday in 1993. Old Trafford went wild, but the most frenzied reaction took place on the edge of the United dugout, as Alex Ferguson and Brian Kidd leapt around like kids, knowing a first title in 26 years was within our grasp…

He said: “You just felt then with Aston Villa drawing with Coventry that day and us scoring so late, it just sort of catapulted us forward, you know?”

Kidd and Ferguson went wild after Bruce secured a vital win in the race for the title.


The celebration: Eric launched an attack on the halfway line, playing a one-two with Brian McClair, before lofting a delicate chip over compatriot Lionel Perez and into the back of the net. The way he marked it was typical Cantona: arms aloft, slowly circling to survey all four corners of the ground where, for five years, he was the undisputed King.

He said: “I never celebrate a goal in the same way, because every goal is different. The energy is different, everything is different. But maybe I did this celebration – I don’t know – it’s nice to take the energy of all the fans, you know? And sometimes it’s even more. Maybe it’s because the goalkeeper, he was French.” Watch more now.


The celebration: Diego had only recently broken his Premier League scoring duck, and he repeated the feat a week later, with a late winner against Southampton at Old Trafford. The Uruguayan ripped off his shirt to celebrate but, on a wet day, couldn’t then get it back on, leading to hilarious scenes of the half-naked striker running around the pitch attempting to prevent the Saints finding an equaliser…

He said: “It was a long-sleeved top, and underneath was another long-sleeve and it was wet! It was a beautiful goal and at the end of the game. I took my shirt off and there was no yellow card but I knew running back I was like ‘how am I going to get that shirt on again?’ The game started again, with [James] Beattie of Southampton and the referee said you have to go off, but I was there with the shirt off!”


The celebration: How do you react when your team-mate of nearly 20 years nods in a last-gasp Manchester derby winner? By planting a great big smacker on his lips, apparently…

He said: “A few people have given me a bit of stick. But I’ve spoken to a few of my mates, who said they’d have done exactly the same if they’d been able to get to him! I was just so happy!”

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Forlan: The goal I tell my friends about

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The celebration: Rooney marked putting United three up in a 2015 Old Trafford clash with Spurs by shadow boxing before dropping to the floor – a tongue-in-cheek reference to a sparring incident with friend and former team-mate Phil Bardsley, which had made the news that morning.

He said: “I remember when it was coming out, I remember going in to see [Louis] van Gaal. He was the manager at the time. I said, ‘Listen, this story is coming out about me and Phil Bardsley boxing in the house’ and he found it hilarious! I think what was perfect was when I scored and the celebration. I didn’t even plan it. When I scored it just came to me.”

The story behind Rooney's boxing celebration article

United legend Wayne has revealed the amusing tale behind his self-deprecating 'knockout' at Old Trafford in 2015.


The celebration: Ibrahimovic is a honorary black belt in taekwondo and his proficiency in the martial art often manifests itself in some of the spectacular goals he scores. After netting his second and United’s third in a 3-1 win at Swansea in November 2016, he busted out a spectacular high kick, with his Red team-mates watching on in awe.

He said: “I have no individual targets because that I did already, after three months in England. I conquered England – it took three months.”


The celebration: Lingard is still resented in the red half of North London for his cheeky reaction to scoring in a 3-1 FA Cup fourth-round victory in 2019. We loved it, though!

He said: “Dancefloor [tagging the Emirates Stadium as such on Instagram]”

Fernandes doffs his cap at the King Power.


The celebration: When our Portuguese magnifico scores – which he does quite often – we’ve become used to him covering his ears with his hands, or sucking his thumb, which are both tributes to his young children. But after bagging at Leicester just after Christmas last year, he faced the camera and mimed taking off an imaginary hat. That was a nod to Juan Mata, as he later confirmed to us in a fan Q&A.

He said: “The one in Leicester City was something I do for Juan because I talked with Juan before the game. I told him as every time we have a game, or something, he comes to me and says: ‘Give me some joy, make me enjoy the game.’ And so, in that game, I said to him before, I will score a goal for you and we have to find some way to celebrate to you. And because for us, and everyone knows, he is our magician, Juan, that was the signal for him.”

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