Ella Toone playing for Man Utd Women.

Ella Toone answers fans' questions on Instagram

Friday 03 July 2020 13:00

She's just put pen to paper on a new Manchester United contract, and now Ella Toone has been facing fans' questions on Instagram.

Find out what the winger had to say as she ranked her team-mates on dancing and dress sense, looked back at her favourite United memory and gave her verdict on a notorious prankster...

Why did you choose the no.7 shirt?
"I actually didn't choose it – Casey gave it to me. But if I did have a choice, I'd definitely have chosen no.7 because of all the great players who have worn it in the past at United, the likes of David Beckham, Eric Cantona and Cristiano Ronaldo."

How are you keeping fit ahead of next season?
"I've been keeping myself really busy during the lockdown and making sure that I'm training nearly every day to be ready for next season. We've been doing a lot of fitness work out on the grass, speed [work], a lot of gym stuff, and a lot of technical and ball work, so that we can feel sharp when we go back in."

Who was your biggest inspiration growing up?
"I used to watch Cristiano Ronaldo and I loved his dedication, his hard work and his passion. He was so skilful – I used to watch YouTube videos of him when I was younger, then go out in the garden and practise all the skills."

How do you feel after signing your contract extension?
"I'm absolutely buzzing! It's such an amazing club and I can't wait to keep improving as a player and a person, and hopefully winning more trophies."

Aside from promotion, what's been your favourite experience with United?
"Playing at the Etihad in front of such a huge crowd in our first Manchester derby, and our first game in the Women's Super League. It was an amazing experience and hopefully we can have more like it."

  • Ella Toone Player Profile

  • Midfielder
  • Shirt number7
  • United debut19 Aug 2018 Liverpool
  • BirthplaceTyldesley , England
  • Birthdate2 Sep 1999
Who's the best dancer in the team?
"I don't think dancing is anyone's strong point! But I think Katie Zelem would put herself up there. Jess Sigsworth's got some little snake hips, which are alright!"

And the worst?
"Definitely Millie Turner. She's so stiff! I've also never seen Martha Harris dance, so those two."

What's your favourite pre-game music?
"It's got to be ABBA. I love ABBA and it really gets me in the mood before a game, but Zel is usually on the speakers before a game and she never lets me put it on!"

What are you missing most about matchdays?
"I'm really missing the buzz you get when you wake up in the morning, and getting out on the pitch and showing what we can do, putting what we've done in the week into practice and getting three points."

Who has the best and worse dress sense in the team?
"I'd definitely say Amy Turner has the best. She's so stylish and she always comes in wearing a new outfit, and everyone loves it. If I ever wore anything she did, I wouldn't look anything like she does! Worst dressed? I'm going to have to say Millie Turner, just because all she wears is tracksuits! We'll go out for a nice meal, a nice little steak, and Millie will be wearing her full adidas tracksuit!"

Which of your team-mates is the most skilful?
"It's got to be Lauren James. She's got very quick feet and she's always getting past defenders when it's one-v-one. She's very hard to defend against in training."

Which country would you most like to visit?
"I'd love to go to Thailand and go travelling around there. Hopefully one day I'll get the opportunity to do that. I also love going to Ibiza."

Which language would you like to learn?
"I took Spanish as a GCSE so I tell everyone I'm fluent, but really I only know a little paragraph that I say all the time. So if I was to learn a language it would definitely be Spanish, because I love visiting Spain."

Describe your team in three words...
"Passionate, competitive and brave. We're very competitive, even in training. There will be arguments when people don't win in the small-sided games. We're very passionate and we never want to lose. We play for the badge on the front of our shirts, and we're brave because we want to play out from the back and play good football."

What do you think of Millie's pranks?
"I think they're annoying and she's very immature. She will get what's coming to her, so watch out, Mill!"

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