Coming on Monday: One Love, Episode Two

Sunday 17 September 2023 14:00

The next episode in our exciting new series of fan documentaries, One Love, premieres tomorrow at 12:00 BST.

Its focus? The Manchester Munich Memorial Foundation (MMMF) – a charity founded in 2017 by a humble group of predominantly local United fans.

Put simply, the MMMF is all about the Busby Babes and the Munich Air Disaster. 6 February 1958: the most important day in Manchester United's history.

As former chairman Pat Burns explains, towards the end of the film: "Just 75 yards there, to my left, our greatest-ever football team perished. From that, we ceased to be a football club; we became a global institution. It's the reason thousands and thousands of us became Manchester United fans."

The MMMF's mission is to ensure that is never forgotten; to ensure the Babes' legacy is preserved for future generations; to ensure that the love for them that endures all over the world is turned into something that has a positive impact. Right here, right now.
One Love | Keep The Red Flag Flying High Video

One Love | Keep The Red Flag Flying High

MUTV Original | 'Keep The Red Flag Flying High' is our film about the vital Manchester Munich Memorial Foundation...

In the film, we follow the MMMF as they head to Germany to mark the anniversary of that fateful day. The group organises the annual ceremony in Trudering each year.

But their impact is more inspiring and wide-reaching than that.

They money they work to raise, all year round, goes exclusively towards charitable endeavours in Belgrade, Manchester and Munich – the three cities that are connected to that tragic day in 1958.
So we see Brian Kidd and chairman Ifty Ahmed visiting hospices in Manchester, and the effects of all the hard work the MMMF does day in, day out.

We see young supporter Gabrielle Skinner – chosen as one of the two fans drawn to represent United supporters in Munich each year – speaking movingly about how the Babes have made an impact on her own life. How she will carry the stories her family have told her into the future. 

One Love: What to expect from Episode One


From euphoria to heartbreak, there is no doubting the dedication of United's Women's Supporters' Club.

Despite the immovable melancholy that exists around the story of Munich and the Babes, this film – like the history of our club – is all about how sadness and loss can be turned into something positive, powerful and long-lasting.

It's an inspiring watch – one that all United fans should spare 15 minutes for.

Watch the second episode of our One Love series, 'Keep the Red Flag Flying High', across our channels from 12:00 BST on Monday 18 September.

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