Ashley Young and Eric Bailly

Bailly's team-mates: Keepers and defenders

Saturday 17 November 2018 11:00

What does Eric Bailly think of his fellow Reds? We caught up with the centre-back recently to ask him exactly that!

In the first of a three-part series, the Ivory Coast international shares his thoughts on his club colleagues, starting here with the goalkeepers and defenders...
David De Gea
Eric Bailly says

"I think he's one of the best keepers in the world. He's so dependable and someone who really inspires confidence when he's in goal."

Sergio Romero
Eric Bailly says

"Sergio has immense talent. Being number two to David is very difficult but in spite of the small number of matches he plays in, when he does he proves himself and shows that at any given moment the coach can count on him. It's very important for us to have a keeper who is always ready to take advantage of an opportunity and he does that every time."

Lee Grant
Eric Bailly says

"He joined us recently but you can tell he's experienced. He's a goalkeeper who brings something to the dressing room as well as the pitch. In training he talks a lot. I think he'll be good alongside David and Chiqui (Romero). He's a good team-mate and I hope he will carry on like this with his colleagues."

Victor Lindelof
Eric Bailly says

"Victor is a young player who started last year. He has grown in confidence and I hope he will continue like this."

Phil Jones
Eric Bailly says

"Phil is very familiar with the Premier League. He's one of the players who already has experience of the English league and so, in my position, I think we need to take advantage of this because we come from elsewhere and they've been here a while. I'm talking about Phil, I'm talking about Chris Smalling, and for someone in my position it's important to play with them."

Marcos Rojo
Eric Bailly says

"Marcos is, what's the word, crazy? He's a very good player, a very good defender. It's a pleasure to play with him. In the dressing room he's quiet. It's just on the pitch where he's a bit crazy. When you play or pair up with him, you feel him. He's always talking to you. For me that was good at the beginning, as he spoke Spanish, so we worked well together."

Chris Smalling
Eric Bailly says

"Like I said when I talked about Phil Jones, Chris has the English league experience in defence. He's someone who helps a lot and he's a good guy. On and off the pitch, he's someone who has helped me from the beginning. For me, it's important to have someone like that in the dressing room."

Ashley Young
Eric Bailly says

"Ashley is top, top, top, top. He's very helpful. He talks to Luke Shaw, who plays in his position, and everyone else at the club. It's important to have him. Off the pitch he's a nice guy, he's someone who motivates you. Being young, when there are low moments in the dressing room, it's important to have someone like him. On the pitch, he gives his all."

Diogo Dalot
Eric Bailly says

"Diogo has already started to have a connection with the group. He talks to everyone, he's a nice guy, he's respectful too. He arrived with a little injury but he's all right. He's going to start with the team and I hope everything will go well for him."

Antonio Valencia
Eric Bailly says

"Antonio is a special kind of person. He helped me a lot when I came over from Spain. That's something I've remembered and it's close to my heart. As you have seen, he's a fantastic player with a lot of experience. It's not easy to stay at a club for so many years and he's always been there, available for the team. He's a great captain."

Matteo Darmian
Eric Bailly says

"I'm not the coach but Matteo is like the Joker card: he can go anywhere. Wherever you put him, he's always there at the disposal of the team. He's a reliable player. Wherever you put him, he'll give his best. I think he's someone to be congratulated."

This article first appeared in Inside United, our official monthly magazine.

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