Eric Bailly and Marouane Fellaini during a Manchester United training session.

Bailly's team-mates: Midfielders

Sunday 18 November 2018 08:00

In part two of our interview with Eric Bailly, the Ivorian centre-back reveals how he feels about the players who operate immediately in front of him - in Manchester United's midfield.

To find out who the "comedian" is, who's been "a revelation" and who is "rage personified", simply scroll down..
Paul Pogba
Eric Bailly says

"He's a good guy. He loves joy and music. Everyone says it: that behaviour is good for the team. On the pitch, he's a fantastic player. With his confidence, I think he's one of the best."

Andreas Pereira
Eric Bailly says

"It was good for Andreas to go on loan in Spain for experience and I think you'll have noticed he's come back stronger. He's got huge talent and high confidence and that's good for us. Since the coach gave him that opportunity, I hope he will benefit from it and carry on within our squad."

Eric Bailly says

"Fred is a new player and it's a new challenge for him. He already has the trust of the coach and I hope he will benefit from this, and enter into the dynamics of the Premier League. He has brought Brazilian music - it's good! It's a different culture. The team is just that, a bunch of different people who came together like a family."

Ander Herrera
Eric Bailly says

"Ander's my mate. He helped me a lot at the beginning as he speaks Spanish. On the pitch, he's someone who motivates his team-mates. He has that hunger to win and that's very important. He's a person I hold dear. He has huge talent and he inspires others to give their all."

Marouane Fellaini
Eric Bailly says

"Marouane is a crazy boy as well. He's rage personified: he puts his foot in, he puts everything in! That's important. Each player brings something... Marouane brings everything! His whole body, everything. He brings a lot to the team."

Nemanja Matic
Eric Bailly says

"Nemanja is the calming one. He's the protector. He's patient with the ball. He's a fantastic person, too. He's calm, respectful and professional, so it's important to follow his example."

Scott McTominay
Eric Bailly says

"Scott is a revelation. He came into our squad last year and really surprised everyone. He's a young player who listens well and works hard on the pitch. I think, with his age, if he carries on and takes the belief the coach has in him, he should take advantage of it to settle in the group."

This article first appeared in Inside United, our official monthly magazine.

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