Why Fred is an example for United's squad

Friday 06 January 2023 07:00

Erik ten Hag always wants his Manchester United substitutes to make an impact and, recently, he believes Fred has been a shining example of just how to perform when coming off the bench.

Our no.17 has been introduced to great effect in each of the four matches since the World Cup, providing energy to help get wins against Burnley, Nottingham Forest and Bournemouth over the line.

The deciding goal at Wolves, scored by Marcus Rashford, came after Fred had replaced Christian Eriksen and added extra dynamism to the midfield, while the Brazil international netted a goal of his own to secure the 3-0 victory over Forest.

Fred’s qualities when replacing others haven’t gone unnoticed among the United coaching staff, particularly with Erik, who is always keen to use his five potential replacements to his advantage.

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“We emphasise a lot of times that we’ve often had players who score goals when they come on from the bench, like Fred did last week,” Ten Hag told club media.

“Every time when he’s coming on, he’s ready. He’s front foot and he brings the right quality to the game.

“That is great to have that as a team and as a manager.”

While every player will want to be included from the start, modern football is a squad game and Erik has no complaints with how Fred has approached his role recently. 

“Of course, Fred wants to play every game,” he added.

“That’s not always possible and everyone has to battle for his position but there’s good competition in the squad to play and to get into the starting XI, but, once again, we need those players coming from the bench and giving impact to the game.

“Definitely, Fred is the one - there are others as well, but Fred is the example.”