Boe Risa: I like to be a leader

Tuesday 20 July 2021 12:00

The latest star to join Manchester United Women is Vilde Boe Risa, whose move from Sandviken was confirmed on 20 July 2021.

Shortly after putting pen to paper, the Norwegian international sat down with club media to give her very first interview as a Manchester United player.

The midfielder opened up on her longstanding passion for United, what she can add to her new team on the field and off it, and how her Champions League and World Cup experiences can help her drive United Women to greater heights...

Vilde, welcome to Manchester United Women - how does it feel to sign here with us?
“Thank you. Very good, it feels very good. I love this club and I have done for many years. When I was little my brother told me that I had to cheer for them, so I'm very happy for it now. It's a very big club.”
Boe Risa: 'I've loved United for years' Video

Boe Risa: 'I've loved United for years'

Get to know MU Women's new Norwegian, Vilde Boe Risa, via her first club interview...

As a Manchester United fan yourself, it must feel great to sign for the team that you support...
“It's big. Back in Norway, Manchester United is such a big club and everyone knows about it. That I can actually play here now, myself, it's a dream come true.”
Maria [Thorisdottir] is a player you already know here at United. Did she have any words for you ahead of signing?
“Of course, I talked to her and she was saying a lot of good things about the club, and she wanted me to come here as well! So yeah, it was very nice and it feels good.” 
What's your first impression of the facilities, the training ground, the people?
“I'm looking forward to seeing everything and getting to know everything and the staff and all of the things around the club. It's very nice and they welcomed me very good.”
Tell us about you as a player then. What can our fans expect from you?
“I'm kind of a playmaker who likes to have the ball at my feet and to have control of the game. So I try to get out of small areas with the ball and play football on the ground.”
You've got experience in the Champions League - you played in the round of 32 previously – how will that experience help you here at United?
“It's good to have that experience. We played against Manchester City, which is such a big club as well, so it makes me feel comfortable with what's expected of me and what is the highest level in women's football at this time. It feels good, and it was a good experience for me.”
You captained your previous side, Gothenburg. How will that leadership help you here at United and is that something you're looking to bring to the club?
“I hope so. I like to be a leader and to be in charge and to contribute with what I've got to say. Hopefully, that's something I can bring in to this team as well.”
You've international experience as well  - you featured at the World Cup with Norway. Again, that's another string to your bow and that experience will only help MU Women right?
“Yeah, I love playing for my national team and it's a big experience for me every time I can represent my team and my country. So I got a lot of experience from that World Cup in 2019 as well. It was a good championship for me and I want to continue my development as a football player.”
What are your goals, then, for this season here at United?
“Of course, I want to win. I want to win trophies together with the team and hopefully we can qualify to the Champions League as well. It's such a big tournament. I love to play Champions League and I want to do it with this team as well.”
Our fans haven't been in the stadium for a long time. We've been missing them and they'll be itching to see you sign today - is there a message that you have for our supporters?
“I'm really looking forward to meeting them all. It's been quite some time without an audience, and I'm really looking forward to meeting all the fans. I know it's a huge crowd so I'm just looking forward to meeting them and hopefully we'll see them at the games very soon.”