Bryan Robson movie.

Five 'wow' moments from the new Robbo trailer

Thursday 07 October 2021 12:00

November will see the release of a new movie charting the incredible career of Manchester United legend Bryan Robson, and you can watch the first trailer from the film now.

It's an unmissable clip for Reds of all ages, packed with club legends from multiple generations, not to mention a feast of classic Robson goals.
Here are five unmissable moments from the short teaser, which you can watch below...
The Reds have had some incredibly influential skippers throughout our long history, but Captain Marvel remains the longest-serving in club history. But it wasn't just about the length of his loyalty. In fact, Sir Alex Ferguson describes him as “without question, the best captain I ever had”. And when you consider the greats Sir Alex worked with during the golden 26-year period he was at Old Trafford, that's quite a commendation.
Watch the incredible new trailer for 'Robbo' Video

Watch the incredible new trailer for 'Robbo'

An array of United legends feature in the trailer for a new film about Bryan Robson, out on Friday...

The Class of '92 provided some of the greatest United players of all time, but would they have scaled such heights without the influence of senior figures like Robson? Not according to David Beckham, who says in the trailer: “For us youth-team players... we were in awe of Robbo and everything he did.” Meanwhile Gary Neville admits “there was no-one representing that shirt better than him.”
We mentioned the other captains that Ferguson worked with during his incredible tenure at United – and one of them was Eric Cantona, who also appears in the clip. But Le Roi says Robson was a cut above everyone else, even the incredibly powerful figures like Mark Hughes, Peter Schmeichel and Roy Keane who were present in Cantona's era.
“He was the leader of the leaders,” says the Frenchman.
When Eric Cantona is describing you as “the leader of the leaders”, you know you've got serious football charisma.
United's rivalry with Liverpool FC was white-hot in the 1980s, when Robbo was at his peak, but even fans and legends of the Anfield club cannot fail to show their respect. In the trailer, you can see actress and lifelong LFC fan Sue Johnstone and ex-midfielder Graeme Souness join in the chorus of praise.
Wayne Rooney is far from the only Scouser queuing up to praise Robbo in the film.
Robson was an incredible leader who inspired everyone around him, from managers to players to fans. But don't sleep on his sensational ability as a pure footballer. Robson wasn't a holding, defensive or attacking midfielder – he simply did everything. Defending, creating, scoring, tackling... the complete footballer. You can see some fabulous examples of his skills in the 60-second teaser, but there'll be plenty more where that came from in the full-length feature.