Edinson Cavani.

Five things we learned from the big Cavani interview

Monday 12 October 2020 09:55

Edinson Cavani provided a fascinating insight into his lifestyle, playing style and the all-important talks with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, after sealing a move to Manchester United.

The Uruguay international discussed a range of topics, which we ran in three parts, as we got to know more about the South American striking legend.

There was much to choose from but we have selected these five things, in particular, that we learned from hearing from our new signing...

Cavani: The first interview


Catch up on the videos and Q&As from the world exclusive three-part chat with our new signing.


Edinson has always liked the number and is fully aware of the legends who have adorned it in the past at United. "It's a great number," he said. "I got to wear it with the national team as well. But I honestly believe that the number you wear is more of an off-the-field thing. 

“That's where it counts for more. But, when you get the chance to pull on the no.7 shirt at Manchester United, which has been worn by some top, top players who have been legends here in this country and at this club, it really is a nice responsibility to have. I hope that I can do it great justice.

“I'll be working really hard to perform at my very best so I can leave that number, that shirt, just how it was left by those players."


Manager Solskjaer clearly helped convince Cavani that this was the right move for him. Ever wondered what such discussions might be about? He let us in on what the pair talked about when the deal was being set up.

"I had a conversation with the manager and, to be truthful, that also really encouraged me to come to United," he told us. "I think it's always very positive for a player when you have the backing of the manager.

“We spoke a bit about the mental side of things, and a little about how you can go about preparing for each game, about what it is to compete, about what is important within a group, and you could say that we agreed strongly on a lot of the things we spoke about and discussed. Things like self-sacrifice, commitment to your team-mates, creating a competitive spirit and thinking of others, and competing altogether.”


Ole has already suggested the 33-year-old will be able to pass on his vast experience to the younger forwards at the club. The centre-forward has scored goals throughout his illustrious career and is set to provide valuable tips to Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial and Mason Greenwood.

Yet he insists one message is the most important. "Look, I don't think that there's any better advice than simply working hard on a football pitch or in a training session," he insisted. “Because you don't win any game by just turning up and walking out on the field. You start to win the game during the training sessions, you start to win the game by how you prepare for it.

“My aim as I arrive here is I'm very keen to make myself available to my team-mates. After that, it depends on each individual, what they want to take on board and what they want to leave alone.”

World exclusive: Cavani's first interview part 2 Video

World exclusive: Cavani's first interview part 2

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Will Cavani defend from the front and harry and hassle defenders? It has been one of the features of his game and could be important as the high press becomes more and more common in the Premier League.

Fans love to see such industry and United have benefited on numerous occasions from such tactics during Ole's tenure.

"I like the idea of the high press and closing down the opposition in their half of the pitch," Edinson admitted. “I think, for me, pressing high up can depend a lot on how teams set up, and everyone being willing and able to do it.

“I think that, very soon, I will have got myself to my usual level of fitness that I've always tried to maintain, and it will be one of the things that I'll love to be doing here - to try to press the ball and then nick the ball back and try to get our team back on the attack."

World exclusive: Cavani's first interview part 3 Video

World exclusive: Cavani's first interview part 3

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It's something that we will come to find out in the coming months, but what sort of character is coming to the Aon Training Complex? What is life like for the much-respected marksman away from the pitch?

"I'm very calm and relaxed off the field," he said. "Very laid-back. I'm a little bit calmer. I'm one of life's hard workers.

“On a day off for me, the first thing I try to do is to try to go out for a walk. 

“I really like nature and it's true that I like to go fishing; I like the countryside and wildlife. So, whenever I get a day off, I try to get away from that football environment and all that comes with it on occasions.”

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