Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford.

Revealed: How Sir Alex is managing the lockdown

Wednesday 29 April 2020 08:09

Former Manchester United kitman Albert Morgan has happily revealed Sir Alex Ferguson is taking the ongoing lockdown in his stride – even if Lady Cathy is managing his famous work ethic!

Manchester-born Morgan was part of the backroom staff and inside the changing room for the majority of Sir Alex’s reign, starting in 1993 and retiring at the same time as the boss in 2013.

Albert remains a great friend of Sir Alex’s and has been speaking with him on a daily basis, as Morgan explained during his amusing appearance on Tuesday’s episode of MUTV Group Chat

“I speak to him almost every day and he is on a total lockdown at the moment,” revealed Morgan. “He has not been out of the house.

“I think his Mrs has had to nail his feet down! 

“He is in good form, he is doing his exercises every morning.

“He has got his dumbbells out, he is on his rowing machine, his walking machine, so yeah he is doing well.”

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Albert Morgan stars in MUTV Group Chat

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While Albert and Sir Alex are lifelong friends after their years together in the dressing room, our legendary former kitman admits he twice received the famous 'hairdryer' treatment from the boss.

Morgan is unwilling to talk about one of those occasions – so it must have been bad! – yet the other instance is one the pair still disagree about to this day, as he explained on our MUTV Group Chat. 

“I had two 'hairdryers' and that’s all,” said Albert. “One, I probably deserved and one we still argue about. I won’t talk about the one I deserved, but the one we argued about I will tell.
“I used to go down to London on the team coach in the morning when the boys were going down on the train. This particular morning I told Sir Alex, ‘right I’m off to London now on the coach and I’ll see you at Euston’. He asked me to take his bag on the coach, so I got hold of it and off we go. 

“A couple of hours later, after training, he rings me back and asks me to bring his bag up to the office because he wanted a book out of it. I said, ‘Gaffer, I’m going past Luton Airport!’ 

“Well, he started ranting and raving, and he put the phone down! We get to London, to the ground and I laid all the gear out. All of the lads are telling me he’s after me, he’s after me. Scholesy is pointing me out to him! So I get on the coach at the back door because Sir Alex always sat at the front. I wouldn’t go anywhere near him! But the lads are still winding me up, pointing me out. 
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“We get to the hotel and they are all at it again as I’m unloading the bus. ‘Gaffer, he’s here, here he is’. So I just kept out of his way. I had a bath in the hotel and went downstairs for something to eat. Mick Phelan starts then when we’re in the bar having a drink – ‘here he is boss, he’s here!’ 

“But I still stayed out of his way. ‘The lovers have had a tiff’, they were all saying. But then, suddenly, he comes down the corridor out of nowhere and straight into the dining room. He just put his arm around my shoulder and he said, ‘give us a kiss’!”
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“He let people get on with their job,” explained Albert, when quizzed on his former boss. “He learned how to delegate to all of his staff and so long as you do your job and to your best of your ability - it was hard work - but your enthusiasm got you through. He never bothered you.

As for his own success as the kitman, inside the dressing room for everything, Morgan joked: “I used to keep him informed about everything! [laughs] I was on the fence between the staff and the players, I was the one bouncing on the fence. It was a nightmare – it kept me awake some nights!”  

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