Sergio Romero

Must-read: Inside Romero's return to Argentina

Monday 27 April 2020 09:47

Manchester United goalkeeper Sergio Romero has told an incredible tale of how he travelled across the world and self-isolated for two weeks, so he could look after his family in Argentina.

In the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer permitted several members of his squad to return home and our 33-year-old stopper was among those who departed Manchester.

However, as Romero explains during our United Hangout with the goalkeeping union, his journey back to South America was far from simple and required great mental strength on his part. 

“Argentina is locked down, the country, and it is now over one month since the president said we need to stay at home, we need to do the quarantine, because it is the best for the people,” says Sergio. 
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Here's your chance to join the goalkeepers' union

In our latest United Hangout, David De Gea, Sergio Romero and Lee Grant tell us on how they’ve been getting on at home…

“I came back to Argentina on 22 March. I did my travelling, which was really, really hard, because I went in a car from Manchester to London. After that I took a plane from London to Paris. Not many people were in the airport, but all the people were keeping a safe distance from each other.

“All of the people were looking really nervous or looking badly to the other people, because sometimes someone does this [sneezes]. Maybe they didn't have anything, but the people looked a little bit strange [at them] and took their distance.

“Also, in the plane, I flew from Paris to Buenos Aires, 14 hours. I just sit my body in the plane and I don't move for 14 hours. I don't eat and I don't go to the toilet, because you never know how is the people.

“When I arrived here in Argentina, I was for 14 days in the hotel because many people, when you come back from Europe, you need to stay in quarantine alone.  

“I stayed in a hotel for two weeks after they did the test in my nose and my mouth and I waited three more days in the hotel and, after the result is negative, I came to my house with my family.

“But, you know, the most important thing is to stay at home, stay safe, do the little things just for the family, like just going to the supermarket, or to the pharmacy.

“Don't move from the house. This is the most important thing in this moment.”
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While Romero has travelled home to Argentina, his team-mate David De Gea remains in Manchester and the 29-year-old is keen to underline the importance of following government guidelines. 

“Well, it is something special, to be always at home, but right now the most important thing is the health of the people, for me in Spain and in England as well,” he says. “It is a bit strange but we need to keep doing some things at home, keep training to be fit when we get back, but it is a bit strange. 

“Family is very good, so at the moment all of my friends and family are all good. But a lot of people are in a difficult situation with the virus and everything. 

“What is happening now is something unreal, but that is life at the moment and I want to send a strong message for everyone to keep fighting and hopefully this will be finished soon.”

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