We are all sending our support to David Brooks

Thursday 14 October 2021 12:14

Everybody at Manchester United is offering support to David Brooks, after it was announced on Wednesday that the Bournemouth and Wales midfielder has cancer.

The 24-year-old said he has Stage 2 Hodgkin lymphoma but that “the prognosis is a positive one” and he will start treatment next week.

Our former youth-team player Joe Thompson beat the life-threatening condition during his playing career and has already contacted Brooks at this difficult time. 


“So I have reached out to him and I have spoken to quite a few of his team-mates, and his agent, because I have been in that situation,” Thompson told us. “He is 24 and I was 23 when I got diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. 

“It is quite overwhelming, and I know for a fact he will be lifted by the support that he is getting from the footballing world.

“But he has got his journey to get through and if I can obviously help him and support him in any way shape or form, then I will do.”

Referencing his own recovery at a similar age, Joe continued: “One positive from it all is that he is a supreme athlete to a certain degree. Yes, the chemotherapy is going to take its toll and it is going to be taxing, but he is in a strong position. 

“I obviously don't know the ins and outs about the diagnosis, but he is going to be okay and we are just going to need to make sure we get him through it. 
See what Joe Thompson has said about David Brooks, seen here with former United star and Wales international Daniel James.
“I am sure he has got an unbelievable support network around him and he is going to need his family and friends, because it can be quite lonely at times and you can overthink things. 

“I am wishing him all the best.”

Like Joe, everybody at Old Trafford is thinking of David Brooks and sending our support.