Fred ready for an unusual 2022

Wednesday 15 December 2021 09:06

Manchester United midfielder Fred accepts that things are going to be very different this time next year due to the World Cup finals taking place in Qatar.

The Premier League will be paused in November 2022, to accommodate the global tournament, and is due to recommence on Boxing Day (26 December), a week after the final takes place in Lusail, just north of Doha.

Fred is a key part of the Brazil side that is already regarded as one of the favourites to lift the trophy but he appreciates it is going to take some getting used to having a major tournament in the middle of the campaign.

"It's really different," he told United Review recently. "It's never happened before, has it? The first World Cup at the end of the year, and winter in Qatar. It's a change but I think that's part of football. We need to adapt to it.

"I hope to be there with my national team. I think we've got a great chance over there but it's a still a long way off, I have to continue working hard and doing my best at club level and for the national team in order to get to Qatar in good form."

Fred acknowledges that some fans will be upset that the Premier League will be halted, such is the appeal of the English top flight.

"It will be different as the Premier League will pause and when there are international breaks everyone's sad as they want to watch the Premier League games," he said. "The World Cup won't be any different. I think that's part of the game and we have to deal with it. I know it's a bit of a change, but we just have to find a way of dealing with it. 

"[So we] come straight back into the Boxing Day fixtures? Imagine that. It won't be a problem. As I said before, there'll be a long pause but it will be great to get back, and it will be an important return. I hope we'll be fighting for trophies next season."