David De Gea.

Fans' Q&A: David De Gea

Sunday 27 March 2022 15:59

David De Gea was the latest Manchester United man in the hot-seat, answering questions posed by supporters based all over the world.

Our no.1 had plenty to say about matters on and off the field, so thanks to everybody who submitted questions for the Spaniard.

So, whether it's his favourite Pokemon, most enjoyable concert, best friend at the club or a host of queries relating to the goalkeeping position, see what the 31-year-old had to say in our exclusive interview...

Fans' Q&A: David De Gea versus your questions Video

Fans' Q&A: David De Gea versus your questions

Fans' Q&A | See how David De Gea recently handled questions from supporters all around the world...

Wang S (China): Who is your favourite character from Naruto?
“Thanks, Wang, for the question. So it’s a very good question, to be honest, I like Naruto, the anime is amazing. It’s difficult to choose one I love Gaara, I love Jiraiya. Naruto, of course but all of them. I love all of them!”

Sylva L (Hong Kong): Hi David! I am also a big fan of Japanese anime culture and am just curious that do you know how to read or pronounce a bit of Japanese?
“Thanks Sylva, for the question. I’m used to watching the series in Japanese but not really. Not really as my Japanese is not good enough.”

Zev O (South Africa): Which songs do you listen to on the way to the game?
“Thanks Zev for the question. I have a list in my phone and I just put on many songs from different things. That’s what I do. I put the list on and that’s it. I have very different styles from rock to different Spanish music, pop music, English, there’s a lot of variation in my English.”

Denis M (Macedonia): What is the best concert you have been to and do you plan to go to more now the Covid restrictions are being lifted?
“Thanks, Denis. We have been in some concerts, I’ve been to Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold. To be honest, I love to go to concerts. To see the atmosphere is unbelievable, to see the bands. I will repeat both Slipknot and Avenged. They are ones of the most that I like.”
Ashin A (India): What are your plans around Rebels Gaming – will I be able to buy a T-shirt?
“Thanks Ashin, it’s a very, very good question as we have big plans for Rebels. It’s one of my passions apart from football and I’m 100 per cent there in Rebels, talking with the great team we have already. There are great people working with me together with, yeah, good ambitions. I hope we can entertain people a lot and, of course, for sure, hopefully soon you can buy the shirt and the branding. Hopefully soon everybody will hopefully follow Rebels and enjoy with them.”

Adam M (UK): Is it important to get away from football sometimes by following other things?
“Yeah, of course. I think it’s very important sometimes to put your mind in other things and not just think all the time about football. Sometimes, you need some relaxing and do other things you like, apart from football. What I do love is esports and different things – at the moment, esports is one of my passions.”

Alexandria S (Netherlands): What’s your favourite Pokemon? And which one are you most like?
“Thanks Alexandria. Yeah, to be honest, I used to watch and love Pokemon when I was young as well. There were many Pokemons I loved, probably one I remember most is I like Gyarados, one of my best. But Onix, Hitmonchan too. There are many Pokemon that I love.”

Weewon L (Singapore): How difficult was it to learn English and how did you manage to do it?
“So, thanks Weewon, it was very, very tough at the beginning to learn English, to be honest. I was with the teacher at the beginning but it was tough for me to learn and to do. I’m normally shy and it was difficult to try to speak to different people in English. This is why, sometimes, I like to do some interviews in Spanish because it’s easier to express myself better and try to say the right things. But now I feel comfortable with English as well so I’m trying to improve and improve but it was difficult in the beginning.”

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George L (Kenya): Hello David, what would you say is the best Spanish meal? What is your favourite?
“Hmm, George, it’s a very difficult one as there are many, many good dishes in Spain. They’re different and it depends on the city, with different meals, so it is difficult to say one. I love Spanish food but I cannot say an exact one. [Is Spanish food better than English food though?] To be honest, I think it’s much better! [laughs]”

Panji D (Indonesia): If you were not a football player what job would you dream of doing?
“Hello Panji, this is a tough question. Since I was very young, I was always training and have been playing football so my 100 per cent focus is on being a footballer. Probably something different in relationship with sports. To study something about sports and be close to a team or something close to sports.”

Yusuf M (UK): What was your nickname in school?
“Thanks, Yusuf, I think people normally used to say De Gea – my name, my surname. De Gea and some, I don’t know how to say it in English, but probably ‘Blondie’ as I was blond when I was young. They called me Blondie and De Gea.”

Jack D (UK): Have you always been a goalkeeper, or was there a point when you played outfield? And if you were still an outfield player, what position do you think you’d suit best?
“When I was young, I used to play outfield as well – not just as a keeper. So which position I would like to play if I was an outfielder? I’m not sure but probably midfield. So a no.6 trying to take the ball and make some good passes. A holding midfielder, having the ball and trying to make the team play better.”

John F (Malaysia): Hi David, I'm currently a 16-year-old keeper from Malaysia, I wanted to ask you, how do you think I can boost my performances as a young goalie?
“Thanks, John, I think the most important thing is to try to work hard, train hard all the time and give 100 per cent every day. Try to improve step by step and trust in yourself, believe in yourself. That’s it. Don’t think much about the future, just being in the present and try to improve. That’s the most important thing.”

Anthony C (UK): Which coloured jersey is your favourite to play in?
“So, thanks Anthony, it’s a good question. Probably the one I like most is the black one. I think we used to play in it in 2013, when we had the black one, and this season as well. I love black so I have to pick the black kit.”

Dana B (USA): What are the type of gloves you use? Do you have anything custom on them?
“Thanks Dana, I have my adidas gloves. I have my own gloves and make some different things but I don’t know how to explain it to be honest.”

Omar D (USA): When it comes to goalkeeper awards. Do you think the number of saves in each game should matter instead of clean sheets or a better way?
“Thanks, Omar. I think it’s an interesting question. Sometimes, a clean sheet is not just about the keeper, it’s more about the team and about defensive shape and about many things, not just the keeper probably. It can be something different; counting saves a lot or some things you do for the team. Like I say, a clean sheet is more about the team and not just the keeper. It should be more things live saves and things that really helps the team, I think, to show this.”

Mike K (Cyprus): What do you think is your strongest point as a goalkeeper?
“Hi Mike, probably the mind. To be a goalkeeper is always tough with a lot of pressure. So you have to be very strong in the mind. It doesn’t matter what happens, good things and bad things, just trust yourself and be very strong in the mind.”

Andre S (USA): Do you train differently to make so many trademark saves with your feet or is it just part of your goalkeeping style?
“Thanks, Andre. I think this is something you cannot train it’s something that happens in the game and it doesn’t matter which part of the body you use to save the ball, at least if you save the ball it’s fine. Sometimes, it’s easier for me to use my feet as it is like an instinct. So we don’t train, of course, to save balls with the feet but, sometimes for me, it’s quicker than the hands for the low balls so I’ve used my feet quite good so this is why I use them.”

Joseph H (Australia): Hi David, I just want to say that I’ve admired you ever since I’ve heard of United and you’re an inspiration for us all. My question for you is, how do you pick yourself up after the team concedes a goal?
“Thanks Joseph, probably just forget about the goal you concede and try to give some energy to the players and to yourself and keep going, keep going. It’s just a goal, it doesn’t matter what happened with the goal, keep going and be even more focused for the next ball.”

Thin Y (Myanmar): Who is your best friend in the team?
“Thanks, Thin. I would say Juan Mata is my best friend probably. I’ve known him since many years so we have a very, very good relationship. I love him and he’s a very good friend. [Bruno said David too recently] “Bruno is one of the best as well. He’s a great lad but Juan is a great lad, a top lad, and we all love him.”

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Haziq D (Singapore): What is your philosophy/approach in life?
“Thanks, Haziq. Well, I think now many people are in difficult situations – families and children. So, first of all, I would say peace in the world and try to make a better world for the next generations, for the children especially. For me, this is the most important thing.”

Alex Z (UK): How important is it to you to win the Player of the Month awards like recently, three in a row with United and the Premier League one?

“Thanks, Alex. It’s great, of course, to win trophies. This is not easy for a goalkeeper especially but yeah that shows we are doing things well and playing consistently and let’s keep doing it, playing well to help the team, that’s the most important thing. Let’s see if we can win things together. The most important thing is the team wins.”

Blake W (UK): You’ve won four Player of the Year awards which is unprecedented and many people think you will win a fifth this summer. Are you aware of how big an achievement that would be?
“Yes, of course, it’s very special for me. I appreciate a lot the love of the fans and the support and, if I can win another one, it will be absolutely amazing. But, to be honest, the first thing is to try to win big trophies as a team. That is the most important thing. Of course, if you did a great season with great consistency and this is the most difficult thing in football, being very consistent. It would be, like I say, amazing to win it again, so let’s try.”

Cooper H (USA): What are your future ambitions with United?
“Thanks, Cooper. Just win. Win trophies and try to win big things and keep playing, keep playing games. It’s a privilege to be here and playing games for Manchester United.”

Joackim L (France): Do you prefer coffee in the morning, afternoon or evening?
“Thanks Joackim for the question. I would say in the morning, afternoon and evening! I love coffee. I already have mine, here’s my coffee. So yeah, I love coffee. In Spain, we say cortado. We have espresso with a bit of milk and I like cappuccino as well. I love coffee.”

Nimra K (UK): What do you love most about your position?
“Thanks, Nimra. I don’t know, to be honest, but I love to be a goalkeeper. We are a different people on the pitch, we are the ones who can do different things to anyone on the pitch. It’s the last line of the team and I don’t know. I love everything, just being a keeper is different and it’s difficult so, for me, it is the best position and the one I love.”