Fans' Q&A: Jadon Sancho

Sunday 29 May 2022 07:00

In a recent fans' Q&A session, Jadon Sancho answered your questions on a variety of different topics, revealing what makes our dynamic winger tick.

The 22-year-old spoke about his footballing idols, his tattoos, the experience of living in Germany and much, much more.

He even weighed in on the cat versus dog debate, admitting that a football-related experience during his childhood led to him to preferring one over the other. 

Check out the full feature with our no.25 below...

Sancho answers your questions! Video

Sancho answers your questions!

Check out these quickfire answers from Jadon on his footballing idols, hobbies, tattoos and much more...

Which former United players would you love to have played with? Koren H, Israel
“Eric Cantona, Rio Ferdinand, Paul Scholes, Roy Keane, Wayne Rooney, Nani – the list could go on and on. They were all big characters so I would loved to have played with all of them.”

Who was your footballing idol when you were growing up? Jenson M, UK
“My idol growing up was Ronaldinho.”

Which do you prefer, midfield or in attack? Allan M, Kenya
“Attack. [On which side?] I don’t mind, as long as I’m playing.”

Favourite movie? Henrik S, Sweden
“I’m a horror person, I like my horrors. So I’m gonna say Winchester. It’s based on a true story, I like horrors like that. I find it very interesting.”

How did moving to a foreign country mature you as a person? Thomas R, UK
“Probably the living by myself. Learning how to live every day without my family – cleaning up, doing the dishes, things like that.”

Are you a good cook? Evie L, UK
“I’m all right. Some people lie and say they’re very good, but I’m all right. I’m not too bad. [What do you cook, then?] Pasta, chicken, things like that. I keep it basic.”

Favourite food? Lewando M, Tanzania
“Caribbean food. Oxtail rice and peas.”

What do you enjoy away from football? Izabella D, USA
“Listening to music, playing video games.”

DC or Marvel? Moemen A, Egypt
“Marvel. Spiderman, for sure.”

When you found out you’d be playing with Cristiano Ronaldo, how did you feel? Noah F, UK
“I was buzzing. I look at him as a role model and he’s a great player. You look at what he’s done in the game and it’s outstanding. For a young player looking up to him, it’s a dream come true.”
Sancho’s eight goal involvements so far Video

Sancho’s eight goal involvements so far

Watch Jadon Sancho's five goals and three assists as a United player so far...

Who is your best friend at United? Ethan F, UK
“I don’t have a best friend at United – they’re all my best friends.”

Why don’t you have a trademark celebration? Garnet M, Kenya
“I should! I’ve been looking at my celebrations recently and it’s kind of boring. It’s not like Ronaldo’s where everyone goes ‘Siiuu!’ or something like that. I’ll think of one soon, for sure.”

Are you a cat-lover or a dog-lover? Awatif Z, Malaysia
“I actually have a crazy story. I’m a cat-lover, but the reason behind it is because when I was younger and I was playing football with my friends in the park, there were, like, three dogs that came into the park and just started chasing us. We had to climb on the fences and wait for the owner to come. It was a scary moment and it kind of scared me from dogs. That’s why I’m a cat-lover.”

Which country would you love to visit? Nadia N, Thailand
“Australia was one of them, but we’re going there for pre-season. Every country really, I want to see the world.”
What is your favourite skill move? Freddie C, Australia
“A nutmeg. That’s my favourite, it’s a trademark.” [Jadon’s nutmeg victims this season have included Aston Villa’s Matt Cash, Burnley’s James Tarkowski, Newcastle’s Javier Manquillo, Brighton’s Joel Veltman and more…]

Who do you nutmeg at training?

Any non-sport-related hobbies? Ayesha O, UK

“Video games – play with my friends, tournaments, things like that.”

Bruno [Fernandes] recently said on Twitter that you and himself are the dressing room DJs, what sort f music do you play? Jack J, UK
“I play Lil Baby, Drake, Chris Brown. It depends on the mood. Sometimes it could be early so you need a little wake-me-up. So I’d probably play some Drake. If it’s a midday game, it would be more like a house kind of beat. Get the heads bopping. If it’s a night game then it’s Lil Baby and everyone’s locked in.”
You have some new tattoos, tell us about the meaning behind them? Yi Ting H, Taiwan
“Do I? How have you spotted that? The one right here is for my mum, it’s a picture of her. That’s the newest one so far. I’ve always wanted a portrait of my mum on my arm.”

What’s your favourite thing about living in Manchester? Maya A, UK
“Being at United.”

What is your favourite game so far in a United shirt? Rachel T, UK
“Probably Tottenham [at home, 3-2 win] because of the atmosphere and the scoreline.”