Anthony Martial

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Wednesday 24 June 2020 20:59

Anthony Martial became the first Manchester United player to hit a hat-trick in the Premier League for seven years during our 3-0 win over Sheffield United.

Indeed, it was the first time the 24-year-old has claimed the match-ball during his professional career, and MUTV caught up with him post-match to discuss his link-up play with Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes, and whether he and Marcus Rashford are having a personal duel to reach the 20-goal mark.

Watch the video, and read the full transcript, below...

Martial reacts to his first United hat-trick Video

Martial reacts to his first United hat-trick

Anthony doesn't often speak English in interviews, but a hat-trick is a special occasion! Watch him here...

Anthony, well done. Your first hat-trick for United, how did it feel?

"I feel very good. It’s my first hat-trick in my career, so I hope I will score more. I’m happy because the team played very good today so I think it’s good."

Some of the link-up play in midfield with Bruno and Paul through to yourself was fantastic…

"They’re both good players. In training, we practise a lot to link up so, today, was a very good game. We created a lot of chances, so I’m happy."

You’ve got 19 goals, Marcus has got 19 goals – is there a little competition to see who gets to 20 first?

“He gave me one or two assists today, so the most important  [thing] is to win. I tried to give him a chance to score – no competition, we just want to win.”

Was your favourite goal the hat-trick one? It was great build-up...

“The last one, I think the last one. It was a very good goal. The first two were two good goals, like a real number nine and I know the manager is happy for these to go in. He was happy.”

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Obviously, you’d love to score a hat-trick in front of 75,000 people screaming your name…

“It was real nice. The fans were happy… no, it was a little bit strange! I know they will be happy for me and it’s good to play like this.”

Have you got a target? You’ve got 19 goals now, the most you’ve scored for United. Have you got a target for the rest of the season?

“I just want to score more goals. If I can score every game, it’s a benefit for the team. I have to continue like this and to help the team win more games.”

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