How fans are reacting to Phil Jones's departure

Friday 19 May 2023 15:00

Fans from around the world are collectively sending their best wishes to Phil Jones, following the news that he will leave Manchester United at the end of the season.

The 31-year-old, who is set to conclude his 12-year spell with the club this summer, has been inundated with wholehearted messages across social media, after our announcement of the long-serving defender's departure earlier today. 

Jones made 229 appearances for United after joining from Blackburn Rovers in 2011 - with his most recent outing for the Reds coming in a win over Brentford just over a year ago - but he has unfortunately suffered from injury issues over the last few campaigns that have limited his game time.

Below, you can read a selection of the kind words our no.4 has received over the course of the day, as our supporters recognise the contribution Phil as made at the club, across more than a decade at Old Trafford...

Reds unite to wish Jones all the best


Fernandes, Maguire, Rashford and even Sir Alex are among the club figures who have paid tribute to Phil's dedication.


@ifiwas95 wrote: ''Love Phil Jones. Had two years off from first-team football and came back against Wolves. Played better than any other defender we had and got a standing ovation when he walked off. The man was in tears but showed what a true professional he was. Absolute class. Best of luck, Phil.''

@vixantenna said: ''Gave everything whenever he played for us. Put his body on the line and helped the team throughout his career. I will never forget about his masterful performance in central midfield against Real Madrid in the Champions League in 2013. Thank you, Phil Jones.''

@isrealcm7246 added: ''I always felt bad for him because of the injury but after listening and reading about his struggles, it crushed me. He really tried to get back and it just didn't work for him. All the very best, Phil, in the next chapter of your career.''

@johnoconnell9105 said: ''Genuinely believe he tried to get back on the pitch as much as he could. Unlucky with injuries. Kudos to United for also standing by him for so long. Best of luck to Phil and his family in the years ahead. Thank you!''

@srmklive commented: ''Really gutted to see what he must have went through, throughout his injury hell. I personally think it speaks volumes about his character when he declined the testimonial. I personally think he should have accepted it. A lot of people would have turned out to appreciate him.''

@connorjames4675 added: ''Every time he played he showed so much passion. Never gave up. Love the clips when he slips and crawls to block the ball. What a guy. All the best, Phil.''

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