How to watch 'One Love: Take Me Home'

Wednesday 19 June 2024 10:46

The ninth film in MUTV’s popular One Love series will premiere on Friday night, telling the personal and often powerful stories of three UK supporters’ clubs.

‘Take Me Home’ shines a much-deserved spotlight on three communities of Reds who travel to matches together, no matter the distance, no matter the circumstances, come rain or shine.  

There are 160 UK supporters’ clubs in total and our film focuses on a passionate trio: the Muckamore Reds from Northern Ireland, the Warrington branch from England and the recently formed Youth Supporters’ Club, which proudly welcomes members from all around the world.    

At the end of a week when our 2024/25 Premier League fixtures were released, we are dropping our latest release – all about you, our incredible match-going supporters. 

Watch the trailer below for a flavour of what’s coming up…
Trailer | One Love: Take Me Home Video

Trailer | One Love: Take Me Home

PREMIERE AT 19:00 BST | Watch a trailer for Take Me Home, the ninth film in our popular One Love series...


Our documentary series all about the fans launched at the start of 2023/24 and it has been incredibly well received by viewers of MUTV, at home and abroad. 

All eights film so far are available to watch on demand via the club channel, which you can access via the United App, and your connected TV. 

‘Take Me Home’ will drop at exactly 19:00 BST on Friday 21 June. Registered users can watch it for free and, if you don’t have an account, just sign up now and start your One Love journey. 


We are proud to have 160 official supporters’ clubs across the UK and hundreds more across the globe.

Almost everywhere you look on a map, there is a branch to check out. So if you’re interested in joining one then please hit the link below. 

As you will see in our film, they aren’t solely about the football: they are communities of like-minded people who help each other through thick and thin.  


We are always delighted to welcome new supporters' clubs into our global family. 

For your fan group to become recognised as an official Manchester United supporters' club, you need to meet the following criteria:

At least 10 of your members need to be Manchester United Official Members or Season Ticket Holders.

You must have a lead contact and a deputy who are Official Members or Season Ticket Holders, who can liaise regularly with the club.

To access the tickets through the supporters' club allocation, at least 50 of your members need to be Official Members registered in the same country.

Learn more about how to form a supporters' club.

One Love


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