'It’s a long time since I loved a player like Bruno'

Wednesday 22 July 2020 07:00

Aman Jandu, aka ‘Dips’, is the final fan to appear in the United Review handshake this season, after featuring on the front cover of the Southampton programme and again tonight against West Ham, with the LASK issue to come next month.

Although the 2019/20 campaign is drawing to a close, she’s still very excited by what lies ahead in the remaining weeks, with another European trophy hunt still firmly on the agenda for United this season.

The Coventry-bred, Birmingham-based season ticket holder is really missing attending United matches at home, away and abroad, a feeling that is particularly vivid at the moment given the forthcoming completion of the Europa League in Germany, with Dips missing the “buzz of a Euro away” that many travelling Reds revel in year in, year out.
Reds fan Aman Jandu in United Review says

"It's a long time since I've taken to a Manchester United footballer like I have to Bruno Fernandes; a long time since I instantly loved a player like I love him."

“We’ve had some amazing moments in the Europa League,” explains Dips.

“I mean, like Stockholm [for the 2017 final]. What an amazing trip that was. Everyone was going on about the Europa League being rubbish, but I’ll never ever say anything negative about that competition because the fun that we had on the way to the final was unbelievable. 

“Then the three days we spent in Stockholm… yes, I’m probably still paying for them now, but they were incredible. Watching us get that final piece of the jigsaw was special. I’ve seen my team with my own eyes win every trophy there is to lift.”

After watching our exciting forward line shine since the return of football in June, Dips is hopeful that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side can repeat the feat of three years ago – not least because of the influence of her new favourite player, Bruno Fernandes.

He’ll have to go some way to match her all-time hero, Eric Cantona, but she believes they are similar. 

“How long have we been crying out for a player like Fernandes? A player that links the midfield and attack in the way that he does – it’s so classy, he’s a classy player. We’ve been dying for that, and he’s brought it all together,” says Dips.

“It’s a long time since I’ve taken to a Manchester United footballer like I have to Bruno Fernandes; a long time since I instantly loved a player like I love him. The impact he has had, people will say he’s been Eric Cantona-esque. He’s just got a natural talent and seems a class act on and off the pitch. I love the guy.”

As for our prospects against LASK and beyond in the Europa League this season?

“We’re a team to be feared again. I like that. The fear has come back again. We’ve played so well recently that there’s no reason why we can’t win the Europa League again.”

Let’s hope you’re right, Dips!

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