Viral video shows Keane scoring a winner in Doha

Thursday 08 December 2022 09:49

Roy Keane might be 51 years old and long into retirement, but the Manchester United legend will never lose his love for winning.

That much is absolutely evident in a video that went viral on Wednesday evening, showing the Old Trafford icon scoring a 'golden goal' in a kickabout between ITV Sport and BBC staff in Doha.

Keane is currently in Qatar working as a pundit and, on a rare day without matches at the tournament, there was clearly only one thing to do: have a kickabout on a local pitch.   
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The @ITVFootball account on Twitter shared a clip of the action and, as you can see below, it begins with Keane casually chipping a lovely ball over the top for a team-mate to volley a shot at goal. 

When opposition goalkeeper Micah Richards parries the ball away, rather casually we might add, the video transitions into slow motion and what we see next is classic Keane.

Bursting forward from midfield, the Irishman pounces onto the loose ball and dispatches a low finish into the back of the net via a slight deflection to win the game for his team. 

Amazingly, Roy tears off his shirt and swings it wildly around his head while wheeling away in celebration. He even vaults a dustbin before he is mobbed by team-mates… absolute scenes!

Watch the viral video below…



Meanwhile, on their TikTok account, ITV also shared a montage of pundits being challenged to control a high ball at short notice. 

Keano clearly isn't feeling it with his first attempt, but, as you can see below, his second try is pure quality...

How's your touch, Roy? Watch to find out...


Keane scored 51 goals in 480 appearances during his legendary United career. 

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