Lingard's personal message

Wednesday 21 July 2021 20:13

Jesse Lingard has been moved by a powerful poem from a Manchester United supporter that won Show Racism The Red Card's annual national school competition.

The England midfielder, back with the Reds after his outstanding loan spell at West Ham United, sent a video message to Clio after the 17-year-old from The Compton School in London picked up first prize.

Clearly moved by the poem, Jesse has offered the young fan tickets to see him and the rest of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side in action at Old Trafford next season.

Watch Jesse's video message to Clio.

Clio beat off competition from over 23,000 entrants in the Show Racism The Red Card arts competition and also received congratulatory messages from former United players Viv Anderson and Dwight Yorke.

"A big well done from me and everyone at the club," commented Jesse. "Your video was so powerful and it's inspiring to see young people showing their creative talents for such an important cause."

"I want people to acknowledge this is a journey we're embarking on," said Clio, about the ongoing fight against racism. "Despite the fact and I'm not disputing how far we've come, that doesn't dispute the fact we've still got a long way to go."

Check out the video of Clio's incredible poem below and the full ITV news feature on her success...


Black. White. Well, which one's right?

If this is a race, who's first and who's last?

What, slavery. Let it go man, that was in the past.

Oh here we go again, you're pulling the race card. Surely being black isn't that hard?

Me, a racist? No, my cousin's neighbour's black. So tell me why I'm still affected by my supposed past.

I speak of my current oppression but for some of you, it was just a little history lesson. I speak because I am less, because I am oppressed. 

I speak for the very simple fact that I am not like the rest. 

We speak, so listen. Almighty God, hear my cry. I'm still having to say all this but why? I've seen a start but sure ain't seen no end. I mean you've still got people thinking racism is all just pretend.

Oh, but it's real. It's very real. Nevertheless, let me not fail to acknowledge how far we've come. #melaninpoppin #equality.

#BLACKISBEAUTIFUL but I still wish to know whether I'm really appreciated or just fetishised. Yes, we've come a long way, a long way we've come but an even longer way we have to go, my darling.

Ladies and gentlemen, we've barely even started the journey. Get your seatbelts on because we've still got a long way to go. 

Oh, how rude of me not to even introduce myself first. 

Hi, I'm Clio. A bit about me. I enjoy crisps. I like to dance. What else? Oh and I'm black but I don't get to say that part do I?

Why? Because I'm different, because it makes people uncomfortable. Should I whisper it instead? I know, I'll spell it out, instead of saying the actual word.

B L A C K.

Does that make you uncomfortable?

Uncomfortable? You have no idea. No idea of the privilege to learn and not experience. No idea of the privilege to choose whether you want to learn.

So what are you going to choose? What is it going to be? 

Turn a blind eye or show racism the red card?