Jose Mourinho.

Jose names his own Player of the Year

Tuesday 01 May 2018 22:25

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho took the opportunity at the club's annual awards dinner to announce his own Player of the Year.

The boss may not be a big fan of individual trophies but he was happy to pay tribute to rising star Scott McTominay, who edged Nemanja Matic to receive the accolade.

"The meaning is important," Jose said of his award. "I think the dream of every boy that arrives at the club is to play for the first team. When the dream becomes true, the next dream is to play in big matches and to play in the Champions League and eventually to play for the national team.

"This player has given everything, in five or six months, so my Player of the Year has to be Scott McTominay."

Jose names his Player of the Year Video

Jose names his Player of the Year

Jose Mourinho was proud to present his Manager's Player of the Year award to Scott McTominay...

Sitting down for an exclusive follow-up interview with MUTV, Jose added: "I was doubting between him and Matic, to be honest.

"Matic told me last year: 'I want to play for you. I want to play for Manchester United and I'm going to do it'. He made it happen and, this season, he has been very consistent for the balance of the team. Playing, I think, every match.

"I was going for him but, when I understood, in the two awards for the young players, Scott was not getting one, I decided to change as it's not acceptable. He is the one that did everything. He started the season in the Academy and ends the season playing in big matches, in Premier League derbies and Champions League matches, while becoming an important player for the squad. 

"So I thought this kid cannot go home without an award, so he's going to get my award."

Scott: I've so much to thank Jose for Video

Scott: I've so much to thank Jose for

Check out the moment a humbled McTominay received his trophy from the manager...


"Yeah of course (it means a lot), a huge thank you to the manager for what he’s done for me, both on and off the pitch, he’s been an incredible figure for me off the pitch.
"Obviously a lot of thanks goes to him, with the matches that I’ve played in this year; Chelsea,  Liverpool, some of the Champions League matches. Overall it’s just been an incredible year for me and I want to keep pushing forward now with the last few remaining Premier League games and hopefully we can win a final and progress onto next season really well.
“Obviously when you play in those games you have to take it in your stride and you have to do what you’ve known, what you’ve done during your whole life, just playing football the way you’ve been brought up and hopefully I’ve done that pretty well this year and hopefully I can continue that onto next year and see where it can take you.”