Juan Mata.

Is Juan Mata the nicest guy in football?

Wednesday 28 April 2021 15:49

As Juan Mata celebrates his 33rd birthday, we decided to look at some of his team-mates' comments about him during our recent fans' Q&A sessions.

Bruno Fernandes was asked about his celebration during the draw with Leicester City on Boxing Day, and he confirmed it was aimed at his pal Juan, following a discussion they had held before kick-off.

Meanwhile, supporters asked both Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba if it was true that Mata really is the nicest guy in football.

You’ll love these tributes to the birthday boy! Video

You’ll love these tributes to the birthday boy!

Bruno Fernandes, Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba all agree: Juan Mata is an example for everybody to follow…

Max asked if Bruno would be doing the magician celebration again and he replied: “The one in Leicester City was something I do for Juan because I talked with Juan before the game. I told him as every time we have a game, or something, he comes to me and says: ‘Give me some joy, make me enjoy the game’.

“And so, in that game, I said to him before, I will score a goal for you and we have to find some way to celebrate to you. And because for us, and everyone knows, he is our magician, Juan, that was the signal for him.”

Rashford responded to a question from Sam in Ireland by saying: "Juan is one of the nicest guys I’ve met. I think he’s a great guy and not only a great guy but a great player on the pitch. He’s top with the young lads as well, always speaking to them and always giving them advice.

“And, yeah, he definitely helped me when I first came into the team. He’s not changed from then. He helps the young ones that are coming through now and he’s an example of what a footballer should be like.”

Bruno Fernandes's celebration at Leicester was dedicated to Juan Mata.

Pogba also provided his kind words on the experienced midfielder, when quizzed on the subject by Anthony in India.

"Juan Mata is the nicest man, I would say, on the earth," smiled the Frenchman. “Such a nice person, such a gentleman. He is the gentleman of the world, such a nice guy. Top man.”

Look out for more from Paul in the big interview in Sunday's United Review, the official matchday programme.