Jesse Lingard.

UTD Podcast: Jesse and Scott reveal their influences

Saturday 25 April 2020 22:30

Manchester United duo Jesse Lingard and Scott McTominay have been speaking about the influence of two World Cup and European Championship winners in the latest, must-listen episode of UTD Podcast.

The discussion was recorded this month with the team-mates talking to presenters Helen Evans, Sam Homewood and David May from their respective homes, as they took a break from training individually during lockdown.

In McTominay's case, he cited Cristiano Ronaldo, the former Reds winger and captain of Portugal's Euro 2016 winners, as a role model for his mental and physical strength.
Watch as Scott and Jesse discuss the importance of mentality in professional football.
"You look at [Cristiano] Ronaldo and guys like him, and their mentality is the top of the top," said Scott.

"You don’t get any better than that. I look up to somebody like him, for the physique he’s got and the way that he applies himself. I have just seen a picture of him, two days ago, reading and revising different things that he’s trying to learn in his life off the pitch. People are just far too comfortable too quickly in their life.”
As for Lingard, he opened up on the impact Paul Pogba has on the players around him, something he first witnessed when they were team-mates in United's FA Youth Cup-winning side of 2011.

“I have been with him since the Under-18s and you could see the talent that he possessed at such a young age," Jesse recalled on UTD Podcast.

"Even then he was big, he was strong and when he was on the ball, although he sometimes made mistakes, you could tell the talent that he possessed. Week in, week out, in training and in games, there were things that he brought to the team, like the confidence.
Watch as Jesse discusses Paul Pogba's talent and rise through the ranks at United.
"Even off the pitch, it gave everyone confidence and he’s carried that on now. Obviously he’s won the World Cup as well so that’s a cherry on top.”

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