Kath Phipps.

Carrington stalwart receives LMA award

Wednesday 25 May 2022 10:31

Long-serving Carrington receptionist Kath Phipps has received the League Managers Association's Service to Football award for 2021/22.

Kath was in attendance at a special dinner in London and was joined on stage by Sir Alex Ferguson and Michael Carrick.

The tributes for her dedication and contribution since she joined back in 1968 were led by Phil Neville and David Beckham, via video messages relayed to the audience.

Congratulations, Kath! Video

Congratulations, Kath!

David Beckham and Phil Neville lead the tributes as Kath Phipps receives a well-deserved award...

Sir Alex, always a great supporter of the League Managers Association, presented the award and gave a heartfelt speech in recognition of Kath's huge influence behind the scenes at United's base.

Those thoughts were echoed by Neville and Beckham, just two of the many Reds who hold her in such high esteem.

"In September 1968, I just applied for the job to Les Olive and got it within a couple of days," said Kath. "Sir Alex was my longest-serving manager. He's always been there for me, every time. He's absolutely brilliant to work for.

"I don't think we've ever had a cross word all these years I've known him. Even on matchdays. We're like brother and sister – he talks to me like that.

"I just get up every morning as a happy person. I come here and I just love seeing them all. I'll miss them one day, when I'm not here, but I don't want to give it up just yet."

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"I wanted to send a message from Miami to say massive congratulations," commented Neville. "There's no greater award that's deserved more than the one you're getting tonight."

Beckham, as part of his tribute, added: "I want to send you a message of congratulations for the award tonight. It's for your services to football but, more importantly, for your services to Manchester United. A club that I love, that you love and many other people love."