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Shaw: Bruno plus Pogba will be 'fascinating'

Thursday 04 June 2020 08:30

Luke Shaw is eager to see what a Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba midfield partnership can conjure up for Manchester United when the Premier League returns later this month.

Answering questions from fans as part of his weekly diary, our left-back waxed lyrical about how impressed he’s been by January addition Bruno’s performances in training.

He’s especially looking forward to seeing him connecting with the recently returned Pogba, especially after the duo were captured combining well in one of our recent training videos.

Watch the Reds put in the hard yards Video

Watch the Reds put in the hard yards

Catch up on all the latest action from a sunny Aon Training Complex…

“[Bruno]’s been so important, with the chances he’s created, the goals he’s scored and, hopefully, there’s still much more to come from him,” Luke wrote. “I’m sure he’s still settling into the Premier League to an extent, which makes what he’s done all the more impressive.

“He was paired with Paul in a small training group last week, which people saw on the videos, and we saw flashes of what they were capable of.

“The coaches have switched it up so it’s not just them on the same team and it’s quite nice to see them battling against each other – they’ve already had some great games against each other – but, personally, I’m really looking forward to seeing them line up together.

“They’re probably two of the best midfielders in the [Premier League] right now, I’d say, so it’s going to be fascinating to see them play together.”

United fans will be keen to see Pogba in action again, with the France midfielder spending all but eight games of the current season on the sidelines.

Shaw has overcome injury blows himself, and spoke candidly about how he recovered from the broken leg he suffered during a Champions League game against PSV Eindhoven in September 2015.

“If I could go back in time and change the way of a game, it would have to be the game when I broke my leg,” Luke responded when asked which match from the past he’d like to replay, with a different result.

“I felt like I was really flying at that point in my career, I was feeling really confident and obviously nobody ever wants to break their leg in a game!

"It’s obviously a long time on the sidelines and you have times when you feel down. You feel a long way away from where you want to be, you don’t feel right, your leg doesn’t feel right, and you go through those periods, but the most important thing is to look towards the end of it.

“See the goal and focus on that. You’re going to be back playing, training, and that pushed me a lot of the time, watching the lads playing and training.

“There are times when you don’t want to be involved, but it’s good for you to be around everyone to keep involved. You don’t want to be forgotten, you want to be around it.”

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