Luke Shaw

Shaw: He's going to be world class

Tuesday 15 February 2022 08:00

Manchester United full-back Luke Shaw is delighted that Jadon Sancho is starting to showcase his abilities, after a tough beginning to life at Old Trafford.

Shaw, who has linked up with Sancho down the left in recent weeks and knows Jadon from their time together with England, rates the former Borussia Dortmund winger highly and sees him becoming a world-class player in future.

Sancho has scored twice in three games since the international break and was voted as our Man of the Match after the Premier League games with Burnley and Southampton.

Luke is understanding of how difficult the first few months at a new club can be, having trodden that path himself when moving from Southampton at 18, but hopes the last fortnight provides a sign that things are going in the right direction for our no.25.

“For me, the maddest thing with Jadon is how young he actually is,” Luke told United Review. “I didn’t realise, even when I played with him for England, that he was that young.

“He’s a wonderful footballer. When you come here it’s not easy at the start – I know that personally.

“Now he’s starting to find his feet a bit more and that’s really showing in the way he’s playing, especially in the last few games.

“He’s starting to excel, he’s getting on the ball more and dribbling well, and doing what he was doing at Dortmund. He’s only going to get better and better. At the moment I’m enjoying playing with him and I’m really happy for him because he had a tough time at the start.

“He’s going to be a world-class player and he’s got so much talent. He just needs to keep working hard, keep working on the abilities he has and be a real asset for this club.”

The connection between Shaw and Sancho has been a positive from a difficult recent spell, with the pair combining well, particularly in the first half at Burnley.

Luke enjoys a strong friendship with his younger team-mate and says communication is key to developing an understanding on the pitch.

And while we’re seeing signs of that, the 26-year-old believes the pair have more work to do going forward.

Sancho in best form in United shirt


Ralf Rangnick is "very pleased" with Jadon Sancho after the winger's goal against Southampton.

“Yeah, of course. The whole team talks about things in that sense. We have a lot of different conversations on what we feel is best in a game,” Shaw added.

“I am really good friends with Jadon, so it’s easy to talk to him. At the moment he’s playing in front of me so we do have a lot of conversations on what he wants and what he wants me to do and what I want him to do.

“At the moment things are working well, but there’s still more for us to do on that side to make us even more dangerous.”

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