Check in with Shaw before the Euro 2020 semi-final

Tuesday 06 July 2021 17:01

Manchester United hero Luke Shaw is preparing for the biggest game of his international career so far, with England set to face Denmark in the Euro 2020 semi-final at Wembley Stadium, yet the in-form defender is remarkably cool and composed with just 24 hours to go.

Our buccaneering no.23 has earned rave reviews for his performances at the tournament – he has three assists so far - and was today praised by Brazil legend Roberto Carlos, who is a big fan of our man.

Shaw has reacted to those quotes in an interview with Lions’ Den presenter Josh Denzel, before boarding the Three Lions’ coach from St. George’s Park on Tuesday afternoon. Read the full Q&A here...

How good does it make you feel to have two sensational games on the bounce?
“Yeah, it has been brilliant really, especially after the group stages it has gone so quick. Before the Germany game we had six days and then after that they said it would go quicker, and it has gone so quick! It is game by game. You have just got to get the game done with and forget about it. As much as we want to enjoy it, there is another massive and important game coming so we kind of just refocus and go again.”

I know you laugh off the Shawberto Carlos nickname, or Roberto Shaw, but the man himself has praised you today. How nice does it feel to have him saying he's a fan?
“To be fair I hadn't seen any of that, it's the first time I have heard of it. Obviously, it is so nice to hear things from one of the best left-backs ever and, of course, after the game when I saw he had followed me and commented, I couldn't believe it to be honest. It was a weird feeling, but I take massive respect from it and it's really nice to hear those words from somebody like that.”
'Shawberto Carlos' has been trending on Twitter throughout the season, due to Luke's top form.
How do you keep your feet on the ground?
“I think it's just best to ignore it all. Inside the camp we are all very positive and whatever is said on the outside, we just block it out. We know what we are doing, we are in a good moment and what a bigger moment it is for tomorrow's game. The occasion is massive, but it's just one we have got to enjoy. We have to keep doing what we are doing.”

There will be over 60,000 fans at Wembley. How does it feel? It must feel incredible...
“The Germany atmosphere was one of the best I have ever played in. It felt like a full stadium then. A semi-final tomorrow with over 60,000, I think it is going to be even more special and all of the lads are excited. Hopefully we can put on a show for the fans.”
What has it been like since the Ukraine game? How has preparation been?
“The same really. We got back quite late, in the morning, but I think we all recovered that day and then it was back to business. We had to see what the opposition is about - we kind of knew everything from watching the games - so it's about getting the tactical detail right and how we are going to approach the game. Right now I feel we are all ready for that.”

Have you been studying the opponents?
“Yeah, we have a lot of meetings, we have done over the course of this period, but we watch the games anyway so we understand the way they play. Tactically, they are a very good side, they switch a lot during the games so we need to be ready for that and to be able to adapt to whatever they can throw at us.”

Is it nice to have a change of scenery before the game?
“I don't mind. To be honest we love St. George's Park, it's unbelievable. It has felt like home here. Of course, it is much easier to go to London because it's closer to the stadium and we're going back to the hotel where we have stayed a lot in the past, so we are looking forward to that.”
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Make your prediction for the first Euro 2020 semi-final...

Have there been any final words from Gareth Southgate?
“No, I think we have just got to keep doing what we have been doing, there is nothing new really, there is no need to add any more pressure than there already is. We know it is a massive game, a massive game, but we have just got to play the game and not the occasion, and just enjoy it. We have been in this situation a couple of times in the past few years, but we might not get one again at Wembley in front of our own crowd so it's one we have got to enjoy and remember.”

What does the next 24 hours look like for you?
“Just relaxing, being calm, having a laugh with the lads on the coach, playing a bit of Uno, taking our minds off football, because it has been a lot about football this morning. We need to be calm, cool and ready for the game.”