Made In Manchester - Akemi Fox

Saturday 02 October 2021 03:00

As a part of our latest Made in Manchester series with adidas football, we have been having conversations with some of the city's most exciting United-supporting musical talents on their love for the club, and the area in which they have hailed from. Next up is Akemi Fox, a Chorlton-born R&B artist who has been referred to as the 'north’s most soothing artist'.

“Being from Manchester means that you’re born a dreamer. You want to do big things and achieve greatness," she explained. And as a performer herself, Akemi reckons that there is no venue quite like Old Trafford, stating, “I spent a lot of time around Old Trafford, and the Theatre of Dreams has always given me inspiration. As a performer myself, I know there’s no better venue in the world.” 

Akemi’s infatuation with the club started when she was young, recalling that she used to listen to games with her dad, who would shout at the radio with both passion and excitement. “He had true passion and that’s the one thing that I’ve always loved about this football club, that it brings out so much passion inside of us.

"Through the good times and the bad, [the club's] desire to be the best has always remained.”

As someone who always wants to make the best music she can, Akemi explains this core value of the club has helped her grow into who she is today.

Akemi wearing our adidas football 2021/22 away shirt at Old Trafford.

“I want my work to be an extension of myself, my story, and where I come from. I know I want to represent Manchester to the best of my ability," she continued.

As the city is filled with so much creative flair and so many different individuals doing their own thing, it’s no surprise that Akemi feels like that she is a part of a team that behaves like a team on the field of play.

It’s this togetherness that has made Manchester such a historical place, both on and off the pitch. The values of the local community resonate with the club and vice versa.

"Look no further than Marcus Rashford," she explained.

"A real son of the soil. Someone who I am not only inspired by but who I want to be like. He leverages his talent to give back to the people around him, that is the Mancunian Way.”

The R&B singer is a lifelong United fan.

Akemi is just one of many who have been drawn in by United’s ability to strive to be the best and uplift those around you. Whilst the ballers use their feet on the pitch, she uses her voice in her music to put Manchester and United on the map, where we rightfully belong. 

Treat yourself and have a listen to some of Akemi’s work here.

Photo credit - Jake Millers.