Anthony Elanga

Who makes Elanga's dream relay team?

Wednesday 21 July 2021 15:01

The Olympic Games have started in Tokyo and we’ve been asking some of the players at our training camp in Surrey which of the events they’d most like to win a gold medal in.

Young forward Anthony Elanga admitted that the blue-riband 100m race was the one he’d have his eye on, along with the longer 1,500m, although team-mate Jesse Lingard thought he’d be better suited to the long jump.

Jesse also said the 4x100m relay would be a good fit for the 19-year-old and asked him what his ideal line-up would be – if he solely had to pick current United players.

Of course, pace is vital in such an event, but we bet you can’t guess the identity of all four players…

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“I’m good at both 100m and 1500m,” said Elanga. “I love a relay too and if I had to pick my own team, it’d be a serious team.”

The conversation quickly moved on to which team-mate Jesse would pick for an event – he mulled over our former captain Antonio Valencia for the shot put! – before Anthony was pressed on his sprint quartet.

“[At the] start we’ll have Rashy. He’d make sure we blast out the blocks,” Anthony added.

“Then we’ll have me. Third we’ll have Teds, Teden Mengi.

“And then last, Jamo [Daniel James]. No one is beating us. It’s a very, very pacy team. We’ll have to sort it out – let’s chat to the coaches!”

So there we have it: 1) Marcus Rashford 2) Anthony Elanga 3) Teden Mengi 4) Daniel James

Can you pick a quicker four? What would your ideal Reds relay team be? Let us know in the comments on social!