Old Trafford

Experience Old Trafford from home

Friday 05 March 2021 11:15

Manchester United Foundation have made it possible for fans to feel what it’s like on a matchday at Old Trafford.

Monday 8 March marks one year since fans were last inside Old Trafford, when Anthony Martial’s volley and Scott McTominay's long-ranged effort sealed a dramatic 2-0 win over rivals Manchester City.

We all miss the buzz inside the Theatre of Dreams and watching United give everything in front of the red army. We simply cannot wait to have you back at Old Trafford.

However, now you can experience our iconic stadium in an alternative way. The latest initiative from the MU Foundation provides a sensory step-by-step experience of Old Trafford. It is aimed at young people with sensory needs but this could most definitely be enjoyed by anyone missing that matchday experience.

Join us for a walk-through of what it's like to spend a day at the Theatre of Dreams. First, put on your shirt and jump on the imaginary tram before the fan blows wind in our faces as we edge towards Old Trafford.

On your way to the game, you’re more than likely to see stalls selling scarfs and badges and somewhere to buy a magazine. As you enter the gates, our friendly security guards will check you before you can enter, so pull out something to use as a security wand. Now, you’re inside the home of Manchester United. Grab your favourite snacks and enjoy the game.


Here’s what you need for the experience:
  • A Manchester United shirt (or any shirt or jumper).
  • Something to hold onto (to represent a bar).
  • A fan or piece of paper.
  • A scarf or blanket to wrap around you.
  • A programme, book or magazine.
  • A small piece of paper or card (to represent a ticket).
  • A coat.
  • Something to use as a security wand (a rolling pin or ruler).
  • Some grass, carpet or rug (to represent the pitch).
  • A flag or something to wave.
  • A soft ball, or something to kick (be careful indoors!).
  • Your favourite snacks.
  • Water to spray or flick (to represent rain).

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