Onana set to represent Cameroon again

Monday 04 September 2023 12:52

Manchester United goalkeeper Andre Onana has confirmed he will proudly represent Cameroon during the international break.

The 27-year-old last played for his country during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, where he left the tournament early and later announced his retirement from international football. 

Onana is now excited to feature in next Tuesday's Africa Cup of Nations qualifying match against Burundi. 

In a statement released via social media, Andre writes: “In the world of football, as in life, decisive moments arise that require crucial choices to be made. 

“In recent months, I have been confronted with trials marked by injustice and manipulation. Yet my unshakeable love and attachment to my homeland, Cameroon, remain intact.

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Every transfer inspires excitement. But few signings in United history can have aroused more intrigue than Andre.

“My desire to represent my country has never wavered since my youth, and this aspiration remains an inseparable part of my identity. Nothing and no one can shake this conviction. 

“I answer my nation’s call with unshakeable certainty, aware that my return is not only to honour my dream, but also to respond to the expectations and support of Cameroonians, who deserve a national team determined to shine.

“In the face of manipulation, lies and abuse of power, I choose to remain true to my ideals, proudly representing a country that deserves our sincere commitment. Now is the time to unite, to work in harmony for our common good: Cameroon.
“I would like to salute the government, which is working hard to build a better Cameroon for all.

“My thoughts are with the people of Cameroon, to whom I offer my infinite thanks for their support, and whom I look forward to seeing again.

“Time, the infallible judge of all things, will eventually enlighten us and reveal the rightness of our actions. My commitment to Cameroon remains unwavering, and I am determined to play my part in seeing it prosper.” 

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