Robson visits vaccine training at Old Trafford

Saturday 17 April 2021 12:00

Bryan Robson and Collette Roche, Chief Operating Officer for Manchester United, recently paid a visit to the NHS COVID-19 vaccination programme which was being held at Old Trafford.

The programme was run by St John Ambulance, who have been training around 30,000 volunteers to administer COVID-19 vaccines across the UK in support of the nationwide effort against the pandemic.

The visit marked the final day of a two-month programme which has seen over 1,200 volunteers training to deliver the vaccine to the Greater Manchester community and beyond.

Collette Roche, explained: “When the pandemic hit, no one really knew how to deal with that. So, as a club, we just focused on we what we thought was really important, which was our players, and our people, our community and our fans.

“The suites, parking, access and our dedicated events team can be valuable assets to this national effort to tackle COVID-19. We are proud to open our doors to St John Ambulance and welcome everyone involved in what is an inspirational project.”

Bryan Robson, who himself was taught the basics of how to deliver a vaccination, stressed the importance of it as part of the nation’s recovery.

“As a club, we want to help the community and help people out there,” he said.

“That's why we have given the stadium up for these training courses. We know that if you get thousands of people trained to know how to do a vaccination because of this programme, then just think how many people are going to get vaccinated that little bit quicker.”

Robson also recognised how important the vaccine rollout will be as part of the broader effort to see fans return to stadiums across the country. “We'd love to see our fans back in the stadium making a great atmosphere - watching football, something which they love doing.”

Roche reiterated the club’s commitment to continuing to support the ongoing national effort. “We recognise that our local community will be feeling the effects of the pandemic for some time and we remain committed to using our resources to support the response to this public health emergency and its social impacts.”