This video proves that Becks has still got it

Tuesday 16 March 2021 12:00

David Beckham is 45 years old and nearly eight years have passed since he retired from playing, yet the beloved Manchester United legend keeps himself fit and has clearly not lost his touch.

Wondering what we mean?

The Class of ’92 graduate posted a ‘crossbar challenge’ video to his official Instagram account over the weekend and, to the delight of his 65 million followers, he has obviously still got it!

In what is now a viral clip across social media, dressed in his Inter Miami kit at their Fort Lauderdale training ground, Beckham showcases that world-famous technique when striking the ball from 30 to 40 yards out.

Obviously, knowing David as we do, you can guess what happens next.

The ball pings off the crossbar and Becks nonchalantly turns away to pick up a drink, as if it is no big deal – and, in fairness, it isn’t to one of the greatest passers in modern football history. Check out the moment in the video below...

Watch the crossbar challenge video that Becks posts to his legions of followers.

Beckham is currently in the USA fulfilling his duties as a part-owner of Inter Miami and he has been busy of late, recruiting his friend and former United team-mate Phil Neville as their manager. 

The Bury-born defender was unveiled in January and he has spoken confidently about his future with the Herons.

“For me the biggest challenge as a coach is to come here and prove to people that foreign coaches can come here and be successful,” said Phil. 

“One thing that really excites me is to prove people wrong, to make sure that I’m successful. I’m looking forward to the challenge, I’m looking forward to the league starting.”

One of Neville's first decisions as manager was to sign former United defender Ryan Shawcross, who joined the club on a free transfer after 14 years with Stoke City.


Beckham's crossbar challenge reminded us of the Treble Reunion match at Old Trafford back in 2019, when our cameraman was perfectly placed to capture his corner-taking technique from up close. 

It's a beautiful watch, so check it out below...

Becks showcased his world-famous technique during the Treble Reunion match in 2019.
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