The Maui Jim Christmas Banner, featuring Katie Zelem, Scott McTominay and Jadon Sancho.

United as 'ohana this Christmas

Thursday 09 December 2021 17:58

'Ohana is a Hawaiian term that translates as family, and in this holiday season, Manchester United players from our men's and women's teams linked up with Maui Jim to discuss exactly what the word means to them.

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s important to remember the festive period is not just about giving, but it’s about spending and cherishing time with your loved ones. Our official vision partner, Maui Jim, is built on those core values, so it’s only natural that we invited our players to reveal what 'ohana means to them. 

Paul Pogba, Bruno Fernandes, Hannah Blundell, Katie Zelem and Ivana Fuso joined us to tell us exactly that, while highlighting the important people in their lives with the help of some family photographs.
Bruno Fernandes models a pair of Maui Jim x Manchester United sunglasses.
Fernandes began the conversation by stating that "family is a really strong word, you can have family that don’t have the same blood as you."

He then went on to show us a photograph of his mother, wife and daughter, explaining that "these are the three most important women in my life. My mum, who did everything for me as I grew up with her. And my wife, who has followed my dream with me."

Blundell told us that her father sadly passed away when she was younger, and explained how that event brought her family closer together, making them really tight-knit.
With a massive smile, Fuso said: "Of course, my family, my friends and my team-mates (are family), because I see them every day!

"My mum always shows me how to be grateful for the little things, and not just the big things (in life). She shows me, like every parent, the basics like being nice and kind."

Pogba explained that to him, family is "outside of football, you know? It's every day, your family is every day. They’re just taking care of me, they love me for who I am, and they just show me love every day."
Paul Pogba's pictured in the Maui Jim Koko Head sunglasses.
Zelem took the hot seat next, and went on to tell us that although she grew up as an only child, that her parents were always there for her.

"They literally tried to give me everything that they could, and I can’t thank them enough, to be honest."

It’s these small anecdotes and individual experiences that make each family unique, and give everyone their own version of what the word 'ohana means to them.
Katie Zelem wears the Maui Jim Starfish sunglasses.
That’s why we’re proud to celebrate Christmas with Maui Jim, our amazing players, and our incredible fans. We are United, United as 'ohana. 

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