Casemiro: I felt loved here from day one

Monday 10 July 2023 07:00

Manchester United midfielder Casemiro reveals he felt loved from the moment he arrived at the club last summer.

Talking to Placar, the Brazilian opened up on his move to M16 and what his goals are, as well as revelling in the love from supporters. 

“Everyone at the club has always been very affectionate,” he began. “I felt loved from day one, which wasn’t easy after spending ten years at Real Madrid.

“It’s the result of the work on the field, it was a very good mix of fans, employees, players, and this has been very important for my adaptation.”

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Deploying his skills in the middle of the park, Casemiro has also emerged as one of the leaders in the squad, something he will no doubt be looking to continue as we head into the 2023/24 campaign. 

“I like having this role, yes, to be honest. Being a leader, caring, being like a father, going after things, I like to set an example, be the first to arrive, I like to play this role. 

“The captain’s [armband] is nothing more than a symbol, but the players have the responsibility to talk to the referee, to the players - I like to be that example player.” 
Suffice to say Casemiro has won the lot in football, including a staggering five Champions League titles with former club Real Madrid. 

But he still has goals heading into the next year of football, and they are quite simple.

When asked, he does not hesitate to respond: “Winning the World Cup for Brazil and putting Manchester United back at the top.”