Fred discusses how he got his scars

Sunday 04 April 2021 05:00

Many footballers pick up scars and battle wounds over the years - it goes with the territory.

Brazilian Alex Telles has spoken in great detail about how the scar on the side of his head came while playing for Gremio against Internacional in his homeland.

"It was in the Gre-Nal derby," he told Inside United. "Fred was playing for Inter at the time, we were rivals. It was a high ball and I clashed heads with an Internacional player. I ended up with a depressed fracture.

“I had to have an operation on my head to reconstruct the skull bone. The scar is now part of my identity, a reminder of my story for the rest of my life."

Fred tells us how he picked up the scar on his forehead.

Fred was on the opposing team that day but eagle-eyed fans have spotted he also has a small scar, on his forehead, and were wondering whether it came from an on-field injury or if there was a specific tale behind it.

In a recent interview with club media, the 28-year-old lifted the lid on how he sustained the mark and added there is another one under his beard.

"This scar on my forehead [points to it] comes from off the pitch," he told us. "I was at home playing with my brother and ended up hitting my head against the wall. I ended up with five stitches.

“I've also got another one here on my jaw, hidden away [strokes beard]. 

“This was a football injury. I got kicked and had to have a few stitches but that's part of the game."


Fred and Telles sat down earlier this week to answer a host of questions that were submitted by United fans from all around the world. 

The duo are firm friends and their chemistry is clear to see in our video, which you watch in full below...

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