Paul Pogba.

Pogba exclusive: Lockdown won't affect my goals

Sunday 03 May 2020 08:30

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has spoken of his determination to remain fit, healthy and motivated, with a return to action on his mind following a lengthy absence.

Prior to football being postponed indefinitely on 13 March, the France international had only made eight appearances this season and that last of those was on Boxing Day in 2019. He then required surgery on a recurring foot injury that required a lengthy period of rehabilitation. 

Pogba is currently isolating at home like millions of other people around the world but while nobody yet knows when football might return, the Academy graduate is not letting that uncertainty affect his mentality. 
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In fact, Paul speaks positively about his situation, during an exclusive 'Ask Man Utd' interview alongside Marcus Rashford and Phil Jones.

“I have a little home gym in my house," says Pogba. "I can do some training, some running, some bike, go outside and do some things with the ball. I am just keeping busy and keeping healthy.

“We have got to stay motivated, there is no other choice. It is a period and we don't know until when it will be like this, but I still have goals in my head and one day hopefully this [pandemic] will stop.

“And then we have to get back on the pitch, so we have to be ready. For myself, I have been out for a long time as well, so for me I just want to come back playing football.”
The Frenchman acknowledges he is fortunate to have his own training facilities at home, but when offering advice for young footballers at this difficult time, he stresses that hard work is all you truly need. 

“My advice first of all is to stay safe, stay at home and keep practising,” he explains. “There is always a way to work, you can work with anything you have at home, you can still do sit-ups, push-ups.

"For abdominals and core work, you don't need weights and stuff like that. You just need the work.”
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UTD Podcast: Pogba's first impression of Maguire

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As well as training every day, Pogba is also maintaining regular contact with his team-mates.

“I spoke with Eric, I spoke with Andreas, I spoke with Victor, I spoke with Juan, Jesse... we all talk, we send messages and stuff like this,” Paul points out.

“We keep in touch and we see everyone [on screen].

“If I had to isolate with somebody? Eric Bailly, for sure. He will make me laugh all day long!”

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