McTominay: This unsung hero deserves credit

Sunday 06 June 2021 08:00

Scott McTominay has always been a big advocate of the great work done behind the scenes by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and his talented team of staff and the Manchester United midfielder has picked out one of them for special praise.

During a recent quickfire round of questions with club media's Stewart Gardner before the end of the 2020/21 campaign, McTominay reflected on his best goal, most surprising moment of the season and his unsung hero...

Firstly Scott, what would you say was your best performance?

What was your favourite match?

"I’d like to say Leeds again, but I'd probably say Man City away at the Etihad."

Pick your best goal - there are seven to choose from!
"There should be more! There should be a few corners chucked in there but we'll get to them. I'd say the best goal was the one against Southampton, because it was clean."

See Scott praise his unsung hero
Name your favourite opposition stadium.
"I don't like PSG because it's got the track round it. I'm not a fan of the tracks round it, like Roma. I like everything to be where there's people [close]. I'd probably go... I don't really know to be fair. Tottenham's new stadium is a belter and we won there."

Who is your unsung hero?
"I sing a lot about Mum and Dad, I praise them all the time so I won't say them. Unsung? I'd probably say Sam Davies [club sport scientist], the lad who does the drinks. He's there every morning, takes the temperature, asks us how did you sleep, how do you feel, every day, no moaning, brings you your drinks and your shakes after training, so he's an unsung hero." [Smiles]

Which team-mate produced the most impressive performance?
"That's a tough one, you know. I'd probably say Edi in the recent games. He works hard. People don't realise how hard he works. He's one of the best professionals that I've seen. He's top."

What was the most surprising moment of the season?
"When I scored two in three minutes! [Laughs] I think if anyone does that it's like 'woah, what's going on?' That was surprising, but you create your own luck in this game, do you know what I mean?"

What pleased you most about your own performance and have you got more improving to do?
"Yeah, I've always got improvement to do. Everyone does. I've always got things that I'm looking at all the time for me to really dial into and focus on improving. I've been pleased. I expect high standards of myself so I always expect more. I can never settle for just playing well. I always want to go to the next level. And that's what football is about, that's what sport is about. You want to push yourself to the next level. You don't just play golf to play golf, you play golf to get better, you play football to play better. That's the objective of life, really, it's about pushing yourself to see how far you can get. I enjoy it, it's exciting, that adrenaline and that rush you get from pushing yourself all the time."