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Which United player would you spend lockdown with?

Friday 15 May 2020 11:00

If you had to spend lockdown with one Manchester United player, who would it be and why? We’ve put that socially-challenging question to the Reds over the last month and the answers so far are fascinating.

There are some expected answers, with those who raise morale and bring the laughs being mentioned several times, but there are also some names that might just surprise you, with size and cooking ability referenced as reasons. 

Check out what several members of the squad have told us so far, and look out for more exclusive insights from our popular ‘Ask Man Utd’ series…

Harry Maguire: “It's a tough question. I will probably go with Dan James - he is a funny lad, he will keep me entertained, he loves dancing and pranking around, so I am sure he would keep me entertained through isolation.”

Brandon Williams: “I would probably say Dan [James] because he would keep me laughing all the time, because he is a funny guy.”
Ask Man Utd: Maguire x Williams Video

Ask Man Utd: Maguire x Williams

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Daniel James: “That is a tough one to be honest. It would have to be somebody who cooks. Scott [McTominay] has been sending me a lot of things that he has been cooking, to be honest, so I will probably say him.”

Paul Pogba: “That is tough - but it would be Eric Bailly for sure. He would make me laugh all day long. It has to be Eric.”

Marcus Rashford: “I would have to choose Jesse [Lingard], you know. Jesse is my guy, so I would be chilling with him.”
Odion Ighalo: “I would choose Juan Mata. He is a funny guy and since I have been in the team he has helped me to settle down and all of the guys in the team are brilliant, they are good guys, but Juan Mata has a good relationship and he makes me laugh about everything. He has been great.”

Juan Mata: “Maybe, because when I am like this, isolated in the house for a lot of time, I like to have time for myself and I like to do my thing, my own thing, so Aaron Wan-Bissaka is very quiet so I think we would understand each other very well. I don't think we would bump into each other so many times and when we wanted to speak, we would do it. It would be good company for this time.”
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Andreas Pereira: “I think I will choose Victor [Lindelof]. He is a very calm guy, he likes to play games, I like to play games, so I would say Victor. Paul is the same as well, he is chilled. There are a lot of players to be fair, we are all the same.”

Victor Lindelof: “I think I am going to go for Andreas Pereira. He is very funny and we share the same interests, in playing Playstation and other games. I think we would have a good time.”
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Diogo Dalot: “I would go with Angel [Gomes] because he is small, so we would have a little bit more space to be in a bunker, and he would probably eat less because he is smaller. I would have more space to sleep if we had just one bed, so it is a good way to think, and he speaks Portuguese, so it would be good and easy for us. We have a very good relationship, so that would be fine.”

Phil Jones: “I will probably say Lee Grant, just because he is an intelligent lad so I will surround myself with somebody who has a bit of knowledge, an understanding of life and is more experienced.”
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Lee Grant: “Let me see who we have got who would keep me entertained. Andreas Pereira and Joel Pereira are hilarious if you can have those two in the same room at the same time. That would be a good combo to keep your spirits high. Let's see who else we have got - we have got a few double acts. Jesse and Marcus is another one that springs to mind - having them two along with you would be great. I'm not sure you would want either of them on their own, but both of them together would be cool. One of those two double acts.”

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