United Direct: The Hollywood edit

Friday 26 February 2021 06:30

While jumping on a plane to explore the good old U.S of A might be a no-go right now, we can take a virtual trip stateside and meet some fans who are part of Hollywood royalty, without the need for that frantic search for your passport or the stress of trying to fit four weeks' worth of clothes into a tiny suitcase for a two-week trip. Honestly, who needs that kind of hassle right now?

Let’s start off with a goodie. No plot spoilers here if you’re just getting round to a lockdown box set binge. The man himself, Kit Harington, aka Jon Snow is absolutely smashing it in the away shirt, with the swagger that only a man of the Night’s Watch can. Channel your inner Kit in (away) kit and get yours from United Direct...before winter is here...

You may already know that Lord of the Rings' own Dominic Monaghan, aka Merry Brandybuck, is a United fan, but did you know he’ll be live at the #ILU event this weekend? From East of the Shire to the City of Angels, check out Dom modelling his Human Race FC swag on Instagram recently. The jacket Dom is wearing is selling quickly, and you can see the rest of the Human Race range here

From the Shires to the trail(blazers), up next is Portland Trailblazers star Trent Jr, who clearly has heard the saying ‘go hard or go home’. He's made his choice, carrying off this look with the kind of swagger you need for a bold head-to-toe graphic combo like our third kit. It’s a strong look, and if anyone can pull it off, 6’5” GTJr can. Check out the range on United Direct.

Next we take a quick flight over to Westeros to meet Lord Varys, also known as Conleth Hill. Thankfully Conleth spends his time in real life supporting United rather than controlling the Seven Kingdoms with gossip and manipulation, which is a better use of his time, right? Check out the man himself modelling the pre-match jersey in readiness for #ILU this weekend. Get yours now at United Direct before it sells out again!

Don’t forget, #ILoveUnited will be going global ahead of the Chelsea game this weekend, when MUTV presenter Mark Sullivan will be joined at Old Trafford by co-host and NFL legend Osi Umenyiora. Find out how to get involved at manutd.com/iloveunited