Igniting the flame: Manchester United Youth Supporters' Club

Monday 02 October 2023 18:00

When Eric Cantona came to Manchester United, he said that he could feel “the rebelliousness of the youth”. While that generation has now grown up, the youth of today holds the same rebelliousness, insane love of football and passion to develop a match going culture that has always set us apart as United fans.

Whether the Reds should play in Rome or Mandalay, we want the chance to be there supporting the players in our beloved shirts. And we want to be represented within and recognised by the football club. 
The generations that came before us had the Stretford End, Scoreboard Paddock, United Road - sacred names that echoed with the elation and unity of lifelong friends who travelled the world, bound together by their love for Manchester United. Over the years, time has worn away at these treasured traditions, but as torchbearers of a new era, we envision something extraordinary again. We want to take these powerful legacies, infuse them with the present era, and make them our very own. To be the architects of a new chapter in Manchester United's storied history, where we honour the past while crafting an effervescent future. 
So, welcome to the Manchester United Youth Supporters’ Club, where we seek to reignite the timeless flame of football fandom for the next generation.
Luca Black, Chair of Manchester United Youth Supporters' Club, with a fellow young fan at Wembley.
How are we going to do that? Firstly, our aim at MUYSC is to give 16-25 year-olds the opportunity to watch games with their friends and to sing in unison as one group at Old Trafford. We have ideas around pre-match meet-ups and aspirations about how to make it easier for young Reds to stand together in the ground. 
Secondly, at a time when attending football is so expensive, especially for students and young people grafting in their first jobs, we will advocate for affordability, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder our members' ability to support our beloved team from the heart of the action. We believe that every young fan should have the opportunity to witness the spellbinding magic of Manchester United.
As an official Supporters’ Club, MUYSC will have access to a dedicated allocation of home match tickets which our members will be able to apply for – you can find out more information via the FAQs document at the bottom of this article or on our Instagram and Twitter pages @muyscofficial.

By forging lasting connections among young fans, we ensure that the friendships formed are not confined to the stands. We are building a community that transcends time and place,  listening to the needs of our members and ensuring everyone has a voice. We will do this by facilitating events and experiences, workshops, and social activities that extend the sense of community beyond matchdays. This is our chance as the voice of youth support to influence the football club’s decision making, advocate for the changes we want and to shape the future of Manchester United.
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Finally, we are here to preserve the authenticity of Manchester United's support, nurturing the next generation of fans who will carry the torch of passion, loyalty, and unity forward. We aim to lay a template for the future, ensuring that younger fans have the same opportunities and experiences that were once the hallmark of football fandom. We are not just reviving traditions; we are shaping the future of fan culture, one match at a time. Join us in our mission to empower our young support and guarantee that the spirit of unwavering camaraderie lives on for generations to come. Together, we will ensure that the legacy of Manchester United lives on through the voices and hearts of the youth. 
We’re proud to keep the red flag flying high, and we’d love you to join our journey by signing up online at manutd.com/muyscform.
Luca Black, Chair of the Manchester United Youth Supporters’ Club.

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